Official Selection: May 2018

Official Selection May 2018

A Single Line by Martin Curran (Ireland)

A Walk in the Park by Dieter-Michael Grohmann (Belgium)

Adult Humans by James Zeiss (USA)

ALiCe by Natsumi Shibata (USA)

All About SEC-377 by Amit Khanna (India)

As It Comes by Top Tarasin and Marco Feliciano (UK)

Audio Force One: Black Eyes by Emma Tomelty (Australia)

Beloved Beast by Jonathan Holbrook (USA)

Bitter Sweet by Jackie Prata (USA)

Brace Face by Jonathan Holbrook and Elena Stecca (USA)

Bright Eyed In The Mornin’ by Brendan Phelan and Vince Breheny (Ireland)

Canicule by Leila Lamblin and Charly Destombes (France)

Crime Hunter by Christopher Beauchamp (USA)

Dawn by Sharareh Aris (Iran)

Detour by Nicolai Brix (Denmark)

Disclosure by T.J. Penton (USA)

Dum Dum Dumroo by Akash Goila (India)

Eli by Colin Gerrard (UK)

Erebus by Sheila Patterson (USA)

Firenze by Phoebe Jane Hart (USA)

Fool-ish by Ethan Crenshaw (USA)

Four Keys by Israel Brooks (USA)

Future Hall of Famers #2 – Just Saiyan by Cristian Duran (USA)

Futureworld by Christopher Angus (Canada)

Game Changer by Aviv Mano (USA)

Genesis by Abtin Mozafari (Iran)

Georgia O’Keefe and Me by Robert Belinoff (USA)

Glass by Brionne Davis (USA)

Golden Light of Dubrovnik by Christin Necker (Switzerland)

Happenstance: Episode One by Brett Carmical (USA)

High Diver by DH Jacobs (USA)

Hijli Detention Camp to IIT: An Untold Saga by Pinaki Sarkar (India)

Holding On by Devin Redmond (USA)

Honey by Adam Robinson (UK)

Hope by Cem Arslan (Germany)

Horror, Sex and Hair Curlers by Philippe Solange (France)

Incomplete by Esteban De La Isla (USA)

Jeu de Scène by Joe Hoster, Edouard Lichtenauer, David Morand-Katsouli (AD) and Marc Wyler (AD) (Switzerland)

Last Light by Shari Hamrick (USA)

Lazarus’ Resurrection Won’t Do Any Good by Clodoaldo Lino (Brazil)

Less by Isabelle Levent (USA)

Limbo by Gokce Erenmemisoglu (Turkey)

Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5POINTZ by Eirini Alligiannis (Australia)

Love Departure by DC Brandon (Canada)

Love Interrupted by Cameron Denny (USA)

Lucid by Jack Barrie (UK)

Lure by Weiyi Chu (USA)

Megha: A Song of Silence by Neeru Khera and Ujjwal Pandey (India)

Methylene by Ferdinand Coste (France)

Miscreant by Rocky Ramsey (USA)

Mother’s Garden by Derek Johnson (USA)

My Week With Maisy by Mark Oxtoby (UK)

Never Always by Natalie Bible’ (USA)

One Last Time by Alexander Lönn (Sweden)

One Small Step by Bobby Pontillas and Andrew Chesworth (USA)

Orpington Poulet by Max Zabell (USA)

Pan by Toby Bates (USA)

Perfect Picture by Thomas Scott (UK)

Perihelion: Örvény by Norbert Porkoláb (Hungary)

Pulled into Focus by Nathan Benham (UK)

Pura Energía by Francisco Garcia Mateos (Spain)

Raggity Anns by Rachel Neal (USA)

Rest Stop by Stephen Dean (USA)

Rodney and the Trippy Time Traveling Tale of Tripping by Brandon M. Prosek (USA)

Rokeaux – Silent by Gorkem Tekdal (USA)

Romanian Diary. Muslim Diary by Carmen Lidia Vidu (Romania)

Signal by Diogo Morgado (USA)

Skin in the Game by Kurt Kubicek (USA)

Somewhere Far From The Eyes by Arad Nemati (Iran)

Sounds of Freedom by Holly Chadwick (USA)

Spanish Onion by Brian Neong San (Australia)

Spice Affair by Rushikesh Bhadane (USA)

Te Makutu, The Curse by Jonathan Zsofi (New Zealand)

Ten Years Out by Meredith McKee (USA)

The Art of Shantiniketan: Masters in the Footsteps of Tagore by Anita Gurnani and Selina Sen (India)

The Bench by Cjay Boisclair (Canada)

The Bric a Brac Shop by Thomas Scott (UK)

The Call of Madness by Xaiver Mikell (USA)

The Different Being by Rosario Brucato (Italy)

The Guitar by Michael Boston (USA)

The Handler by Lawrence Whitener (USA)

The Inescapable Arrival of Lazlo Petushki by Sven Werner (UK)

The King’s Guitar by Stephen P. Sherwood (USA)

The Kiss by George Leontakianakos (Greece)

The Masked Flowers by Natalie Crema (Canada)

The Newcomers by Joe Wakefield (USA)

The Perfect Fit by Emory Parker (USA)

The Pond by Dane Elcar (USA)

The Present and the Passed by Teresa Langley (USA)

The Projectionist by Greg Pursino (USA)

The Queen by Hugo Teugels (Belgium)

The Untold Story of Romeo & Juliet by John Tso (USA)

The Urge 2 – It Lies Within by Christopher Angus (Canada)

Treading Yesterday by Craig Bettendorf (USA)

Unge Ferrari – Hjerteløs by Axel Lavin (Norway)

Uniform by Ellie Foumbi and Michael Niederman (USA)

Vinida x DJ Mustard: Run This by Arden Tse (USA)

What happened to Evie by Kate Cheeseman (UK)

What It Takes To Be Special by Jackie Prata (USA)

Wind Riders by Emi Katayama (USA)

Yes But No by Aleksandras Brokas (France)