Official Selection: October 2018

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects (films and scripts) are the finalists of the round of October competing in 56 different categories for awards given in 5 sections (acceptance rate – 26,9%):

1 Billion by Dave Thomas (Ireland)

116 by Julia Campanelli (USA)

4-11 Willows Road by Noah Wong (USA)

A Bitter Pill by Ashutosh Jha (India)

A Blind Date by Lucas O.M. (USA)

A Hand Of Nothing by John Worrall (Ireland)

A Life in Pink by Charlene Xu (USA)

Alchemy by Jen Fernandez Perelman (USA)

Alex & The Firefly by John Woosley (USA)

Algerian’s Flowers by Rositsa Trayanova (France)

All Dolled Up! by Leah Cronican (USA)

All Heart by Flávio Moraes (Brazil)

Anna by William Knowles (USA)

Any Given Tuesday by Henry Grenier (USA)

Assisted Living by Brent Harvey and Joanna Bronson (USA)

Aurora by Bruno Canel (Canada)

Bambi by Aly Honore (USA)

Bash by Nathan W. Woodward (USA)

Being There by David Michaels (USA)

Benji by Brandon Koen (USA)

Birds by Trine Nadia (Denmark)

Birds by Xiaochen Zhang (China)

Blue Ford Ranger by James Mair Abroms (USA)

Bodega? by David Leigh Abts (USA)

Box Office Smash by Phil Dunn (UK)

Boy Racer by Barry Fahy (Ireland)

Cards on the Table by Alexis Stan (France)

Chasing Saudade by Kathryn Bouchard (Canada)

Coin-Operated Boy by Peter Zachwieja (Canada)

Color by Youngran Nho (USA)

Cursed by Leah Rae Hulgin and JP Maddock (USA)

Desert by Marco Bottiglieri (USA)

Don’t Look Back by Humberto Rosa (USA)

Don’t Schmuck It Up by Sam Reetz (USA)

E.N.T.E.R. by Jack Impellizzeri (USA)

Echoes of War by Pablo Adame (Mexico)

Eline by Nils Vermeire (Netherlands)

Emma by Desmond Liang (USA)

Equidistant by Alonso Aliaguilla (USA)

Essence by Roman Gerodimos (UK)

Eternal by ChunChun Chen (China)

Exposure by Emmanuel Delfin (USA)

F A L L by Vigil Bose (USA)

Followers: Wifi, Interrupted by Milton Ng (Canada)

Franciszka by Elias Djemil (Canada)

Furryland. by Ian Morgan and Nic Eve (South Africa)

G(r)o(w)ing Up by Annabelle Frost (USA)

Gage by Keith Wilhelm Kopp (UK)

Graffiti by Divyansh Sharma (USA)

Halcyon by Chris Velazquez (USA)

Hard Knocks by Brent Harvey and Joanna Bronson (USA)

Hazardous Materials by Brian O’Brien (Ireland)

Here and Now by Virginia Banci (UK)

Hoan Alone: Personal Stories from the Bridge by Aaron Johnson (USA)

Honor by Ed Vela (USA)

I’m Sorry by Lovisa Lara (Iceland)

Ice Cream and Tequila by Joel Junior (USA)

ikTara by Shreyas Gupta (India)

Inner City by Ashutosh Jha (India)

Insurrection by Soner Metin and Michael Hoad (UK)

Intimate by Gianmarco Formica (UK)

Invictus by Sathwik Rai (Canada)

Joyce by Nora Jaenicke (USA)

Kommando 1944 by Derek Quick (USA)

Kristal Clear by Joshua Demers (Canada)

Last Conversation by Karolina Łachmacka (UK)

Lilly by Krzysztof Dykas (Poland)

Love Thy Neighbour by CJ Barnes (Australia)

Maze by Razid Season (USA)

Meaningful Murders by Angel Connell (USA)

Milo by Rachel Rambaldi (USA)

Miracle Matt by Kevin Durham and David Newton (USA)

Missing Persons by Tyler Ward Stephenson (USA)

Move On by Soorim Lee (USA)

Mr. Kiss by Afonso Henrique (USA)

My Mother by Rositsa Trayanova (Bulgaria)

My NSA Agent and Me by Jake Quinn (USA)

Nevermore by Nikita Kaf (Russia)

Next Time! by Thomas Deshays (France)

Nite Nite by Chad Meisenheimer (USA)

No Better, No Worse by Jon Cvack and Channing Sargent (USA)

No Going Back by Matias Vellutini (Brazil)

Not One by Abraham Polinsky (USA)

On The Edge of Reality by Frank J. Dion (USA)

Parallel City by Jessica Hughes (UK)

Passage of Silt and Shell by James J Macdonald (USA)

Pintado by Gustavo McNair (Brazil)

Plushophilia by Mauricio Marces (USA)

Polisi Maling by Randolph Zaini (USA)

Prince in a Jar by Youchen Miao (USA)

Protecting Tony by Dat Nguyen (USA)

Rage by Myles Ross (USA)

Red Rose by Matt Linge (UK)

Say After Me by Luying Zhang (USA)

Silence by Brent Harvey (USA)

Social Butterfly by Dane Parsons (Australia)

Stalker by Enzo Hui (USA)

String by Karel Candi (Iceland)

Subastados (Auctions) by Rui Lopes (Spain)

Superstar! by Daniel Wyland (USA)

Supervivere (The Escape) by Paco Arasanz (Spain)

Syria’s Tent Cities by Mira Hamour (USA)

Team Mars by Steve O’Reilly, Andy Ferguson and Damien Drake (USA)

The Blue Gate by Peter Loza and Steven Low (USA)

The Box by Renata Jesion (Brazil)

The Crimson Flower by Sebastian Jaimes Ramos (Mexico)

The Desecrated by John Gray (USA)

The Girl Code by Kelly Paoli (Canada)

The Great Wall by Anqi Wang (USA)

The Grimoire Chapters: Rem – Episode 5 (S3) by Michael Davis (USA)

The Identicals by Mark Nichols (Australia)

The Idiot by Arturo M. Merelo and Simon Shaw (UK)

The Kaleidoscope Guy at the Market by Russell Brown (USA)

The Milk of Human Kindness by James O Sullivan (Ireland)

The Mystery of Le Madelon by Demetrius Hill (USA)

The Neon North: Sacrifice by Phoebe Nell Williams (Australia)

The Red Stuff by Brad Vance (USA)

The Riveters by Kate Felix (Canada)

The Third Degree by Peter Grabicki (USA)

The Vampyr Resistance Corps by Terence Johnson (USA)

The Waiting Room by Debra Markowitz (USA)

The Worst That Could Happen by Graham Burrell (USA)

Tiny House by Owen Williams and Merry Grissom (USA)

Too Many Bodies by Reena Dutt (USA)

Traitor by Rit Saraswat (USA)

Tree Game by Julie Slack (USA)

Voice of Belief by Alastair Railton (UK)

Vox by Akil McKenzie and Kevin Santos (Canada)

White Lies by Robert Kurt Fenske (USA)

Wireless by David Fritzson (USA)

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