Official Selection: May 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects (short films, TV series, and scripts) are the finalists of the round of May competing in 56 different categories for awards given in 5 sections. The acceptance rate is 42,8% based on submissions from 21 countries with a total runtime of 39:13:54.

23 Pieces * by Mila Johansen (USA)

A Calling by Sahil Kaur (USA)

A Night at the Table by Tamara S. Hall (USA)

A Service to My Gender by Elizabeth Burch-Hudson (Czech Republic)

Alice by M.K. Edwards (USA)

American Parousia by Guillermo “Memo” Noriega (USA)

Anywhere Else by Anabella Mortenson (USA)

Appetizer by Ayanda Chisholm (USA)

Backpedal by Dani Pearce (Australia)

Benjamin by Marco WestWood Gonzalez (USA)

Beth and the Blob by Dustin Cañez (USA)

Beyond Her Lens by Tereza Hirsch (Czech Republic)

Boombats by Matt Birman, Bryan Kowalsky and Ron Lea (Canada)

Breech by Rebecca Lafon (USA)

Brotherhood of Brew by Jeff Coxen and Anthony Gainer (USA)

Bully Proof Vest by Alexander McDaniel (USA)

Carolina by Simone Centinèo (Italy)

Change Our Tune by Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen-Rolfzen (USA)

Chocolate Man by MEG (Germany)

Corre (Run) by Eric Smith-Gunn (USA)

Dani by Corey Allen (USA)

Darshan: Blessings of Saints by Burt Chojnowski (USA)

Daughters Of God by Maza White (New Zealand)

Deep Water by Xiao Ni (USA)

Don’t Point by Bryan Bostic (USA)

Finite Water by Zachary Thomson (USA)

Fish in the Tank by Kai Tai ‘Jimmy” Shieh (USA)

Following Kanika by Alan Manzo Becerra (USA)

Fool’s Gold by Logan Thomas (USA)

For The Sake Of by The Helmers (Canada)

From Another World by Lorenzo Di Nola (Italy)

From Life to Death by Paint VK (USA)

Ham on White by Zachary Warner (USA)

Hello!! by Mila Johansen (USA)

Help! Deutsch! by Mike Ostroski (USA)

Her Turf: The Untold Story About Three Female Football Refs by Shantel Hansen (USA)

Hide and Seek by David Sigura and Salvatore Frederick (USA)

Hijab by Eric Smith-Gunn (USA)

Homecoming by Shaughn Tillman (USA)

I Must Upgrade! by Oliver Denyer (UK)

Idle Weeds by Wendy Zhang (China)

Inherit the Earth by Christian Schultz (USA)

Inserts – Episode #1: “Good Game” by Myles Ross (USA)

Irrelephant: Wookie the Huge by Mark Pirc (Slovenia)

It Matters by Harlow Schuman (USA)

Itchy by Yimo Zhou (USA)

Jack and Anna by Ksenia Ivanova (USA)

JKG by PK Simone (USA)

Killer Friends by Peter Calvin (USA)

Lesson #8 by Alberto Ferreras (USA)

Lock Down by Barbara Holstein (USA)

Lukewarm by Mitch Yapko (USA)

Make You See The Sun by Kelly-Ann Rivera (USA)

Malice by Elias Moreno (USA)

Manifest (The Artist) by Mila Johansen (USA)

My Blue Car by Deniz Dirin (Turkey)

NC-16 by Michael Spound (USA)

Night Tales by Randy Rubin (USA)

No Good Deed by Grant Lafferty (USA)

No No On’nanoko by Kevin Douglas Harris (USA)

No One’s Own by Dane Liberatore (USA)

One Last Goodbye by Latasha Kennedy (USA)

One of Those Murder by Jerry Hadiprojo (Indonesia)

Peking Opera Overseas by Zhaochen Zhang (USA)

Petrichor by Ava Ismaiylova (USA)

Pineapple by Jane Chow (USA)

Poker Face by Marquette Jefferson (USA)

Print Beat by Valeria Marcon and Lukas Olson (USA)

Red Watch by David Kennedy (USA)

Reservoir Dwarfs by Jack Richardson and Shannon Anthony (UK)

Ribbons by Marcela Cantú Serrano (USA)

Ride to the Light by Chaw Khanawutikarn (Thailand)

Right Livelihood: A Journey To Here by Tricia Brouk (USA)

Ripple Effect by Maza White (New Zealand)

Rise n’ Shine by Silver Kim (Canada)

Save The Last Dance For Me by Chihiro Ito (Japan)

Scenes From a Migranthood by Roozbeh Behtaji and Jovid Eisai (Sweden)

Schmotts by Kyle Kenyon (USA)

Sif by Arnar Freyr Tómasson and Stefán Mekkinósson (Iceland)

Sketches from a Dancer’s Album by Arman S. Haghi (Australia)

Slow Wave by Matt Quaid (USA)

So Many Divisions: Ya Rahman (“O Beneficient”) by Mohammed Paika (USA)

Solange by Pascaline Bellegarde (France)

Starman by Doug Grean (USA)

Summer Storm by Daniel Colella (USA)

Summerholidays by Christopher Connor (USA)

Suntanned Orange by Peiqi Peng (USA)

Swiped. by Dan Couri (USA)

TAG by Alexander Callens (USA)

Telly by Max Barker (USA)

The Betrayal by Meggie Foster McCann (USA)

The Bibcocks’ Incursion by Alvin Joo (USA)

The Blessing and the Curse by David Kennedy (USA)

The Gauntlet by David M. Wallace (USA)

The Healing of Harman by Seth Pinsker (USA)

The Hollow Moon by Eric Robison (USA)

The Last Drag by Dylan Calder Stein (USA)

The Last Page by Nick Powers (USA)

The Last Sound by Gregg DaCosta (USA)

The News by Gundeep Kaur (India)

The Night of the End of Days by Chris Rakotomamonjy (Madagascar)

The Symposium by Thotti Cardoso (Brazil)

The Therapist by John Patrick Shulak (USA)

The Ties That Bind by Ashley Price (UK)

TJ by Kunlin Wang (USA)

Tumble Dry by Delia Kelly and Stephen Riscica (USA)

Two Down by Rolfin Nyhus (UK)

Under Cover Comic by Bobby Friedman (USA)

Utopia by Pablo Adame (Mexico)

Violet is Blue: A Tale of Gibbons and Guardians by Alex M. Azmi (USA)

Volkov by George Dibble (USA)

Wanderboy by Thomas Bernos (USA)

What’s Your Story? by Timothy “Curious” Starks (USA)

White Rope by Mriidu Khosla (India)

White Window by Jake Reed (USA)

Windows by Jef Amoranto (USA)

Winter Formal by Mike Ostroski (USA)

Woe by Oleg Loparev (USA)

Wolf Woman by Melissa Tanta (USA)

Zheng by Tianyi Wang (USA)

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