Official Selection: March 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects (short films and scripts) are the finalists of the round of March competing in 56 different categories for awards given in 5 sections (acceptance rate – 33,4%):

#WeLaGente by John X. Carey (USA)

22 by Daniel Roy (USA)

89′ by Mark Champine (USA)

About Emma by Mathis Sananes (UK)

Africa Amini Alama – Africa I Believe in You by Magdalena Frey (Austria)

Alva by Sam Brown (USA)

An Angel Whispers by Jeremy Storey (USA)

Assassin Camp by Dan Gelles (USA)

Big Boom by Brian Watson (USA)

Big Lies by Igor Runov (USA)

Blame Yourselves If No One Comes by Gustav Egerstedt (Sweden)

Bounce by David MacLean (Canada)

Breakup Box by Bryan Firks (USA)

Car Stealers by Christopher Guerrero (USA)

Celestial Misconduct by Kevin Bible (USA)

Cellmates by Zane Johnson (USA)

Clarity and Chaos by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa (UK)

Clean Up on Aisle Nine by Derrick J. Johnson (USA)

Come Die With Me by Kurt Kubicek (USA)

Constant Treason by Ruvin Orbach (USA)

Country People by David Bobrow and Rebecca Reyes (USA)

Dance Class by Xinying Lao (China)

Dear Giulia by Marco Reale (Italy)

Dear Uncle by Amir Hossein Behbahani (Iran)

Denis Prose by Marvin Sordell and Maxwell Harris-Tharp (UK)

Disconnections by Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain)

Don’t Feed These Animals by Guilherme Afonso (Portugal)

Fallin by Tomohiko Tsuji (Japan)

Filthy Prelude by Malcolm Carter (USA)

Good Friend From the West by Shuaiyu Liu (USA)

Grounded by Djordje Mikovic (USA)

History Abode by Chris Dolan (USA)

Horrible Things by Josh Minnie (USA)

Hot Flash: The Chronicles of Lara Tate Menopausal Superhero by Danny Woodburn (USA)

Hott Yoga by Joan Chak (USA)

House of Redemption: Hear Me by Tammy Klembith (USA)

Human Extinction by Jordi Manca and Vincent Vallon (France)

Imagination by Marc Donahue (USA)

In God’s Image by Madison Bishop (USA)

It Happened One Night by Jabree Webber (USA)

Kennedy by Domanique Cummings (USA)

Letting Go by D Hunter White (USA)

Loaded by Helen Watson (UK)

Love Is a Dangerous Thing by Carter Michael (USA)

Manchester by Max Civita (Brazil)

Manny Fantasma by Michael Carnick (USA)

Mental Facade by Tyler Schlipf (USA)

Metamorphosis Revisited by Scott Nelson (USA)

Mildred by Michael Ricci (USA)

Moment of Silence by Demi Guevara (USA)

Mother by Sevra Baklaci (Turkey)

Murder Your Darlings by Debbi Mack (USA)

No Deer for Dinner by Yuhang Chen (USA)

No Exit by Arvind Alok (South Korea)

Our Troll by D.J. Walker (USA)

Parallel Experiment Dawn by Evgueni JC Goloubev (USA)

Pizza, Democracy & the Little Prince by Alessandro Leonardi and Elena Horn (UK)

Rear View by Sam Fayed and Matthew Duncan (USA)

Royal Flesh by Olivia DeVenne (USA)

Samuel’s Got A Sweet Tooth by Angel Rosa (USA)

Scotch Tape by Siyuan Chen (USA)

Scraping Coconut by Pilar Egüez Guevara (Ecuador)

Selfies Fever by Sage Drake (USA)

Seven Seas by Martin-Philippe Tremblay (Canada)

Shallow Grave by Tang (USA)

Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America by Bill Wisneski (USA)

Shoe Horn/Office by Ingrid Nachstern (Ireland)

Snow Day by Chaw Khanawutikarn (Thailand)

Sound by Tawan Bazemore (USA)

Special* by Michael Stratigakis (USA)

The Ancestors’ Memories by Arata Shigeno (Myanmar)

The Devil You Know by Kevin Barnett (UK)

The Fox and the Rabbit by Joseph Channell (USA)

The Greatest Magician by Runze Qiu (USA)

The Land of the Gods by Marc Lepelletier (France)

The Ledge by Lawrence (USA)

The Left Behind by Oliver Salk (USA)

The Mirror by Massimiliano Mauceri (Italy)

The Moon Smells Like Gunpowder by Mark Solter (USA)

The Most Magnificent Thing by Arna Selznick (Canada)

The Night Shift by Max Mollring and Ian Burrs (USA)

The Original Horror Story by Lea Ann Vandygriff (USA)

The Perfect Murder by Vikkramm Chandirramani (India)

The Red Page Syndrome by Ugo Melcore and Loris Melcore (France)

The Report by Alexander Callens (USA)

The Road From Durango by Sean George (USA)

The Rule of Fours by Max Rogoff (USA)

The Serenade by Adelina Anthony (USA)

The Translator by Pagorn Jungrungruang (Singapore)

The Victim by Junmin Wang (China)

The Widow by Brendan Young (Australia)

This is Fine by Roth Rind (USA)

Time, Life, and Why by Kayla Hashimoto (USA)

Toke is Cheap by Kerry van der Griend (Canada)

Underground by Shuaiyu Liu (USA)

Units by D.J. Walker (USA)

Vicious Cycles by Anthony Echo (USA)

Vietnam Aftermath by Tom Phillips (USA)

Walter Treppiedi by Elena Bouryka (Italy)

Warbonnet: An Odyssey of Honor by John Harrington (USA)

White Dialogue by Dieter Grohmann and Shania Vandezande (Austria)

White Guys Solve Sexism by Christopher Guerrero (USA)

Who Let the Taxidermy Out? by Laurence Unger (USA)

With The Tide by Cora D’Arcy (Ireland)

Wolves Gone Hunting by Junior Day (UK)

Women Not Permitted by Brad McDermott (Canada)