Official Selection: June 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects (short films, TV series, and scripts) are the finalists of the round of June competing in 56 different categories for awards given in 5 sections. The acceptance rate is 37,7% based on submissions from 22 countries with a total runtime of 35:04:02.

12th Floor by Pedro Kalli and Renata Moraes (Brazil)

2BR02B by Lucy K Moroukian (USA)

2nd Chance by Hugo Teugels (Belgium)

A Good Story by Marcus Mullen (Canada)

A Mistake by Shuo Wang (USA)

A Place to Call Home by Ryan Sadaghiani (USA)

A Ring by RayMartell Moore (USA)

A Scribbled Memory by Bhulla Beghal (UK)

All The Mundanities by Lu Yuanjiong (China)

Bad Fruit (The Unheard Voice of the Tuam Babies) by Teresa Lavina (Ireland)

Bad Karma by Caleb Parazette (USA)

Birdeo + Limet by Peter J. Calvin (USA)

Black & White by Luyin Zhao (USA)

Blue Murder by Alex Sultoon (UK)

Boots: Fighting Out of Philly by Alistair McDonald (USA)

Boys Club by John Riddell (Australia)

Brotherly by Evan Nix and Adam Nix (USA)

Burnout by Brielle Cruz (USA)

Catchpenny Ritz by Haiyang Yu (USA)

Champ by Tomislav Vujcic (Germany)

Cocoon by Qianzi Gao (USA)

Creation by Marcelle Abela (USA)

Damaged by Wendi Sun (USA)

Distant Stars by Emily Fisher (USA)

Do You Understand? by Kurt Eberle (Switzerland)

Dogs of Arabia by Darya Abdulla (Kuwait)

Dream Date by Phillip Lindsey (USA)

Dynamometer by George Leontakianakos (Greece)

E.very D.ay by Jordan Hidalgo (USA)

Escape by Dana Lenets (Ukraine)

Flamboyanes by Javier Montes d’Arce (Mexico)

Flatground by Shay Kelly (UK)

For the Greater Good by Michael Gavino (USA)

Forget-Me-Not by Sarah Smith (UK)

Garbage by Holly Laurent (USA)

Ghosts That Cry in the Dark by Kain Baigent (Australia)

Glaciers by Alexandra Craft (USA)

Godspeed by Sunny Wai Yan Chan (USA)

Happy Thanksgiving by Shihan Lu (USA)

Her Spark by Qing Zhao (China)

Heroine by Kila Price (Canada)

Herrings by Keith Chamberlain (USA)

How To Be A PJ by Ralph Lucchese (USA)

How to Bend Concrete in 108 Easy Steps by Mahesh Madhav (USA)

In The Woods We Can Be Together by Ryan Schneider (USA)

Interview With Marilyn by Agatino Zurría (USA)

Iris by Jerry J White III (USA)

Jail or Yale: Young, Black and Out of Options? by Christopher Spence (USA)

Jenni by Ray R Hungria (USA)

Kalai by Karthik Siva (Sri Lanka)

Kapara by Steven Hudson (Australia)

Kara the Invincible by Ben Floss (USA)

Know You by Omri Malka (Israel)

Last Tonight by Kevin Williams (USA)

Like Wolves by Michael Silva (USA)

M Like Mobius by Faranak Moradi (Italy)

Maga! by Jordan C Michael (USA)

OdeToSay by Aleksandra Zdziech (Poland)

Omolara by Esther Kemi Gbadamosi (Nigeria)

One Day Till Tomorrow by Maggie Budzyna (USA)

One More Ride by Xinying Gu (USA)

One of the Lucky Ones by Evan Michael Gering (USA)

One Way by Jonathan Munoz (USA)

Pardon by Rositsa Trayanova (France)

Phoebe by Kyra Gardner (USA)

Pride and Joy by Jason Smith (New Zealand)

Qualm & Quietus by Phoebe Mussman (USA)

Raymond Carver and Derrida’s Zombie Army by James Fitzmaurice (UK)

Reprise by Raey Ang (Canada)

Roger by Reuben Hamlyn (UK)

Rose of No Man’s Land by Mengfei Hu (USA)

Scrap by Leena Pendharkar (USA)

Shtriga by Jayde Williams (USA)

Siloed by Lokesh (USA)

Social Media by Daniel Antunez (USA)

Spice Frontier by Jalil Sadool and Adam Meyer (USA)

Spizella by Mehmet Tığlı (Germany)

Sven by Christopher Rucinski (USA)

Temptation Of Saint Francis by Johnnie Semerad (USA)

The Alchemist by Magdalena Wodzisz (Ireland)

The Assistant by Peter Calvin (USA)

The Avant-Gardener by Lindsay Katt, Heather Matarazzo, Jeremiah Kipp and Carl Byrd (USA)

The Boy and The Well by Cristobal Ruiz (USA)

The ComeBack: Le Retour by Marc Faucher (Canada)

The Dancing Class by Lin Niu (USA)

The Eagles by Hanyang Huang (USA)

The Lovers Lyfe by Emmai Alaquiva (USA)

The Mask I Wear by Brett Newton (USA)

The Ribbon by Polla-Ilariya Kozino (USA)

The Shed by Rachel Thomas-Medwid (USA)

The Silence Of Professor Tösla by Ilan Stavans and Jay Bolotin (Mexico)

The Song by Randy Hutchison (USA)

The Strangers We Know by Alana Grace (USA)

The Tattooed Heart by Sheldon Wong Schwartz (USA)

The Third by Manatsadabhorn Pongchinnartham (USA)

Through the Door by Allison Alonzo (USA)

To You Whom I Love by Steven Aripez (USA)

Toast by Alberto Martín-Aragón (Spain)

Trapped by Shan Tong (USA)

VideoGenic by Lawrence Whitener (USA)

Way Out by Liv Li (USA)

What Goes Up by Christopher O’Reilly (USA)

WOM3N by Osmani (Mexico)

Yellow Jacket by Jes Kalina (USA)

Yours Are Mine by Brooke Trantor (USA)

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