Official Selection: June 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

(in here) I Am God by Joseph Seuferling (USA)

A Ferry Tale by Mehmet Tığlı (Turkey)

A P E X by Stuart T. Birchall (UK)

A Quest Through Fire by Michael Rooney (USA)

Abyss by Liyanbing He (USA)

Actor Reel by Vibol S. Sungkriem (USA)

Alone by Antoine Laurens (France)

Alveus by Shamila Lengsfeld (Germany)

Anita by Mariah Jones (USA)

Anumasa (Inexhaustible Water) by Adam Thomason (USA)

August 25 by Gautam Parvi (India)

Behind Closed Hearts by Anthony DiBartolo (USA)

Behind The Light: A Mashup Documentary by Stacy Poulos (USA)

Black Snow by Stephen Linstead (UK)

Black Widow Butterfly by Benjamin L Ward (USA)

Blocked by Calvin J Walker (USA)

Blown Away (Enchufados) by Sadie Duarte (Spain)

Bound by Daljit Kalsi (USA)

Breaking The Cycle: A Peek Into Polygamy by Hayley Biddle (USA)

Cecile by Alexsa Tolentino (USA)

Collective by Edoardo Ranaboldo (USA)

Constant State of Flux by Travis M. Baker (USA)

Crossover by Gaston D’Agrivieri (USA)

Dilli by Mohammed Faizal (India)

Divine Beauty by Marcelle Abela (Malta)

Drop Pocket by Margaux Hemard (Australia)

Echo by Pedro Correa (USA)

Faded Love by David Leidy (USA)

Faithful by Dane Christensen and Jenn Lee Smith (USA)

Fartman by Thinky Siqi Xiao and Majik Jingwei Zhou (USA)

For Muriel by Rebecca Shapiro (USA)

Forouzan by Mirabbas Khosravinezhad (Iran)

Fragments by Raffaello Sasson (Italy)

Fusions: The Art and Lives of British Born Chinese by Sherry Lu (UK)

GAB by Gazanfer Biricik (France)

Grimshaw by Elyes Gabel (USA)

Heartbeat by Nick Mandri-Perrott (Spain)

Home by Farkhondeh Torabi (Iran)

Hooded by Nate Shively (USA)

Hoody Man by Philip Rachid (United Arab Emirates)

Human Wreckage by Tom Young (USA)

Into The Light: Sarah Smith by Stacy Poulos (USA)

Job Life by Roberto I. Ercolalo (Argentina)

Kipe Korp by Stacy Owens (USA)

Knuckles by Laura Groombridge (Australia)

Last Call by Christopher Hancock and Kyle Johnson (USA)

Last Call by Harrington Day (UK)

Liberty and Justice: A Cautionary Tale in the Land of the Free by Salley Mavor and Rob Goldsborough (USA)

Life is What You Make It by Jhett Tolentino (USA)

Little Trees by Max Kane (USA)

Littoral by Kiarash Motarjemi (Iran)

Loneliness of a Woman by Hossein Hojati Nejad (Iran)

Lungs of London: Episode 1 by Brandon Novis (UK)

Lungs of London: Episode 3 by Brandon Novis (UK)

Magdalena’s File by Konrad Bogusław Bach (Germany)

Mamba by Sam Puefua (USA)

Mankind’s Superpower by Christopher Beauchamp (USA)

Marguerite by Alexis Néret (France)

Medea’s Walk by Mel Hsieh (Ukraine)

Mercury by Pierre Edelmann (France)

Mother’s Day: The Forgotten Victims of Death Row by Linda Broocks (USA)

Mother’s Milk by Mike Sloat (USA)

Mr. Larraín by Gonzalo Menéndez (Chile)

Namibia by Matthieu Vinel (France)

Nobody Dies Here by Simon Panay (France)

One O’clock by Vibol S. Sungkriem (USA)

Papercut by Damian Overton (Australia)

Parasomnia by Vlad Micu (Romania)

Personal by Bryan Cruz (USA)

Pray-Er by Joeann Calabrese (USA)

Prey by Sergio Hira (Suriname)

Pulse by Alejandra Hou (USA)

R.I.P Kanye West by Darian Jobity (USA)

Real Love by Robert L Butler Jr (USA)

Resilient by Aloiz Krisak (Canada)

Rose Castle by Emmanuel Duchez (France)

Rumination by Chad Eric Smith (USA)

Sandwich by Lorand Banner Szucs (Hungary)

Saved by the Pole by Jonisha Rios (USA)

Seed by Josh Kaukl (USA)

Selective Memory by Caleb Murphy (USA)

Silent Love Stories II by Amr Al-Hariri (USA)

Snowfall Time by Cevahir Çokbilir (Turkey)

Spaces by Emma Kayani (UK)

Stop / Eject / Rewind by Elliott de Neve (USA)

Superheroes by Luke Rocheleau (USA)

T(HE)Y by Caroline Callender and Silver Liftin (USA)

Tang An by Zihao Chen (USA)

Tell Me Twice by Caitlin Stickels (USA)

The Concourse by Jonathon Kane (USA)

The Crossroads by Aliasghar Behboodi (Iran)

The Debator by Sophie Wang (Canada)

The Dream Hatcher by Mel Hsieh (Russia)

The Flying of Leaves by Fabio Teriaca (Italy)

The Fuckboy by Nathan Chang (USA)

The Gift of the Magi by Sofia Streisand (USA)

The Hafiz Project: The Brilliance of Your Own Being by Eric Mann (USA)

The Kampala Boxing Club by Sean Kernan (USA)

The Last Great American Web Series (episodes 2-4) by Morgan Gould and Nate Trinrud (USA)

The Liquid Ladies by Kathy Rose (USA)

The Littles by Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks (USA)

The Quiet With Him by Jeremy Tatara (USA)

The Red by Mohammadreza Keshavarz (Iran)

The Silver Thimble Gang by David Shark Fralick, Nathan Arcand and Marnie Madden (USA)

The Sorting Room by Ben Stahl (USA)

The Sun Set in 1997 by Triana Peña (USA)

The Wolves by Shytei Corellian (USA)

There’s No Last Chance by G. Robert Daily (USA)

To Almeria by Stephen Gallacher (Spain)

To Catch Smoke by Sun Shuai (China)

Tobaccoland by Lucia Braccalenti (Italy)

Transfer by Vibol Sungkriem (USA)

Unaccountable by Stacey Stone (USA)

Uninvited by Ryan Wagner (USA)

Waft by Vishnu Udayan (India)

Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale by Kefei Li and Connie Qin He (USA)

Welcome Back by Matias Nilsson (USA)

Whisper by Di Hang (USA)

Whoever You Are… by Annette Westwood (UK)

Without a Mirror by Eric Mann (USA)

Working From Home by Max Moore (USA)

Worldquake by Rico Herre (Germany)