Official Selection: July 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

#GradGirls: Welcome Home by Malerie Stanley (USA)

1313 Dead End Lane by Derrick Bell Perez (USA)

9 to 5 by Filippos Tsapekis (Greece)

A Long Way From Home by Andy Tai and Eduardo Enriquez (USA)

Across the Graveyard by Michael Scarnati (USA)

Anew by James Jun Hyun Lim (South Korea)

Bad Sex Face by The Tim Lancaster Conspiracy by Giovanni Martins (USA)

Bagheera by Christopher R. Watson (India)

Blue Diamonds by Patrick House (USA)

Blue Toes by Isobella Antelis (USA)

Brush: A Fox Tale by Faustina Arriola and Willi Anton (USA)

Caducea by Christophe Mavroudis (Belgium)

Catherine by Derek Ahonen (UK)

Chemistry 101 by Mike Reft (USA)

Condemned by Ben Fiore (USA)

Contrition by Trent Newton (Canada)

Corridor by Cassandre Émanuel (Canada)

Courage by Jean-Luc Julien (Germany)

Cue Jane by Qianzi Gao (USA)

Curse Of Lono: Valentine by Gregg Houston (UK)

Dancing with Gene Kelly by Katharine Rogers (Australia)

Dearly Departed by Elise Martin (UK)

Deer Season by Cameron McHarg (USA)

Dingus Wishes by Elvira Ibragimova (USA)

Double Date by Patrick Gratton (Canada)

Echo by Victor Perez (UK)

Eden by Ana Pio (Portugal)

El perdón (Forgiveness) by Paola García-Sanjuán Machado (Spain)

Emergence by Timothy Puder (USA)

Entrance No Exit by Jo Southwell (UK)

Escape by Daniel G. Ross II (USA)

Eviction by Lewis Clements (UK)

Family in Exile by Fatima Matousse (Morocco)

Far Away by Nicolas Van Ruychevelt (Belgium)

Feet of Fire by Amanda Abicalaffe (USA)

Fermysk by Maryam Pirband (USA)

Ghost BFF by Lindsay MacKay (Canada)

Grave Mistakes by Brandon Prosek (USA)

Grounded by John Bruner (USA)

Hard Turn by Jimmy Naples (USA)

Here There Be Tygers by Mike Johnston (Canada)

Heroin(e) by Patrick Coker and Isaiah Jimenez-Mackson (USA)

Hunter by Shashank Varma (India)

Icons by Ronnie Cramer (USA)

Indelible Winter by Ann Huang (USA)

INFRA Story by Fabrice Briseux (France)

Into the Dark by Lukas Hassel (USA)

It’s All in You by Anchal Raghuvanshi (USA)

Jiejie by Feng-I Fiona Roan (USA)

Kissy Cousins Monster Babies and Morphing Elvis by Wayne J. Keeley (USA)

Last Stop by Bérangère Samuel (Australia)

Leili by Farhad Vilkiji (Netherlands)

Liberal Jews by Aaron J. Balk (USA)

Lifelike by Chris Vanderhorst (USA)

Living on the Edge: Deglamourizing Bollywood by Opender Chanana (India)

Love Ghost: The Scarlet Letter by Michael Greene (USA)

Memories of 98631245732 by Jacque Rabie (USA)

Mite by Firat Demir (Turkey)

Molasses by Micah Ariel Watson (USA)

Monster City by Lo-Tien Li (China)

Moon Corridor by Alice Evermore (Germany)

Multifacial by Taz Skylar (UK)

My First Date by Michael Lazovsky (USA)

My Lunatic Lucy by Wanyin Tang (USA)

No Accent by Ilanit Shlosberg Moreno (Israel)

Node by Engin Poyraz (Turkey)

Not Much Time by Neil Watson (USA)

Not Rich Yet by Cyprien Kodjo (USA)

Nothing Like The Sun by Jonas Banks (USA)

One Day in GaoYi by Jiaxuan Xiao and Muqiu Qin (China)

Our Way To Fall by Zoey Peck (USA)

Ouroboros by Dowon Kook (South Korea)

Pa’Lante by Kristian Mercado (USA)

Pharaoh by Derrick Forkel and Mitchell Jao (USA)

Post Mortem by James Todd (UK)

Presentation by Danielle Kampf (USA)

Rat Trap by Andrew Yeremeyev (Australia)

Repentance by Jack Welch (Australia)

Rewinder by Jean-Luc Julien (Germany)

Rookies by John Anthony (USA)

Scattered by Ellie Harvie (Canada)

Sepia by Vicente Almuna (USA)

Seventy by Jiage Tong (USA)

Shipwrecked by Sabrina Marengo (UK)

Silverlake Afternoon by Rebecca Holopter and Michael Osborne (USA)

Simon Says by Katherin Hussein (USA)

Somewhere In Their Heads by Gregg Houston (UK)

Song of Hands by Hamze Zarei (Iran)

Sound of New Year by Lifan Wang (USA)

Staff Pick by Di Xin (USA)

Superficial Intelligence by Kholi Hicks and Vern Evans (USA)

Tax Evasion: A Greek National Sport by Kelly Sarri (Greece)

The Agony by Victoria U Bell (USA)

The Boy With The Teddy by Alessandro Schuster (Germany)

The Breath Holder by Emin Murat Kılıç (Turkey)

The Conversation by Adam Crow (Spain)

The Crack by Marko Roth (Germany)

The Door by Lola Rùi (USA)

The Dying Game by Pedro Correa (USA)

The Feed by Josef Beey (Canada)

The Ghost by Garrick Hamm (UK)

The House That Mary Built by Kathryn Scurry (USA)

The Hunt by Masoud Kazerouni (Iran)

The Key Between My Fingers by Courtney Wold (USA)

The Letter by Jazmin Aguilar (USA)

The Littlest Undertaker by Kevin Molohan (USA)

The Noise of the Light by Valentin Petit (France)

The Sconfessions by Pasquale Cangiano (Italy)

The Seeker by Kaitlyn Kowalski (USA)

The So-So You Don’t Know by Marlene Rhein (USA)

The Sound of Silence by Zachary Simms (USA)

The Stay by Frazer Lee (UK)

The Student Body by Will Peppercorn (UK)

The Unthinkable by Mari Jeaneth Olan (USA)

The Visitor From the Other Side by DJ Carnegie (Canada)

The Witch by Claudia Dapiran (Ireland)

Time Can Break Your Heart by Paul Schwartz (USA)

Token by Joy Shi (USA)

True Center by Ashley Karp (USA)

Under the Flowers: Circle of Hell by Richard T. Wilson (USA)

Ur Mines by Jeff Lucky (USA)

We Belong Together by Gustav Bondeson (Sweden)

White Pickett Fence by Jacqueline King-Howell (USA)

Window To The world by Martijn Schinkel (Netherlands)

You’re Dead, America by Jovan Todorovic (USA)

Zero-Zero by Randall Whittinghill (USA)