Official Selection: August 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

8 by Andrew Vandaele (Netherlands)

A Date With Shillelagh by Jeff Stewart and Brian Johnston (UK)

A Door by Jingshi Cai (USA)

A Long Story Short by Andrei Olănescu (Romania)

A Tale of a Sassy Little Girl by Francesca Nobili (USA)

A22 by Eva Amann (Austria)

Afraid of the Dark by Ray Brady (UK)

After We Have Left Our Homes by Marc Adamson (UK)

Amour Noir by Johann Schultz (Germany)

And Nothing Hurt by Gav Chuckie Steel (UK)

Animal Crackers (Pentimenti) by Tyler A. Chase (USA)

Bang Bang Goes the Gun! by Thomas Everly (USA)

Béa by José Esteban Pavlovich Salido (Mexico)

Beautified by Emily Haigh (UK)

Beffroi: Faint by O’nonto Zaman (Belgium)

Blink of an Eye by Greg Robbins (USA)

Blood & Water by Mr. West Ashe (USA)

Blood Means Nothing by Mark Oxtoby and Dawn Buckland (UK)

Blue Flamez: To The Sky by LaRonn Katchia and Isaac Trimble (USA)

Broken Exchange Uncoded by Sharrie Mccain (USA)

Broken Sunflower Hearts by Miguel Angel Caballero (USA)

Change by Joe Jennings Jr. (USA)

Chewed by Joseph Blank (USA)

Christina by Xiaoyu Yang (USA)

Color Of Childhood by Sahadat Russell (Bangladesh)

Deadbolt by Michael McCallum (USA)

Do What Thou Wilt by Darren Brade (UK)

Don’t Forget by Jared Crowelle (USA)

Don’t Mess with Lucy by Malcolm Holt (UK)

Eisodus by Victor Dunerman Daggberg (Sweden)

Enola by Shelby Wilson (Canada)

Filmesque by Vincenzo De Sio and Walton Zed (Italy)

Final Letter by Orwa Alahmad (France)

Flipped by Lawrence Watford (USA)

Flushing Flesh by Taylor Cohan (USA)

For The Love Of Fear by Luke Hanlon (Ireland)

Friend or Photo by Caroline Quach (USA)

Frozen Lake by János Szén (Hungary)

Ghosts by Matt Church (USA)

Go Your Own Way by Adam Harris (USA)

Good Times by Allyson Reilly (USA)

Gray by Preet (India)

Groomed by Angelo Reyes (USA)

Gutless by Nathan Cragun (USA)

Happy: The Angry Polar Bear by Brandon Swofford (USA)

I Am Tomek by Pawel Son Ngo (Poland)

I Cant Lose by Patrick House (USA)

I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs by Wade Shotter (New Zealand)

I’m Here by Rebecca Shapiro (USA)

It’s Not My Fault by Julie Stackhouse and Tom Schmitt (USA)

It’s Quiet Here by Jeff Van Gerwen (USA)

Joakim Lund: Waiting by Helge Kallevik (Norway)

Kin by Brittney Rae (USA)

Last Call by Jarrod Anderson (USA)

Last Day by Landon Coats (USA)

Lesson #7 by Alberto Ferreras (USA)

Lester’s Blood by J.B. Edwards (USA)

Let’s Share The Moon by Mayank Bokolia (India)

Liquid Soul by Allen Phillips and Trampas Smith (USA)

Lisa At Large by Eliot Gurrin (USA)

Love Always, Alex by Alex Bell (USA)

Love is Love by Viola Le Compte (Belgium)

Ma by Millicent Cho (USA)

Magic H8 Ball by Dan Hass (USA)

Me Too by Ayeshah Rose (Australia)

Memories by Takamasa Iwasaki (Japan)

Memory Box by Karl Shefelman (USA)

Miazmat by Klaudiusz Wesołowski (Poland)

Mingle by Ty Cooper (USA)

Mirrorcide by Mara Cracaleanu (Romania)

Morning Star by Arabella Anderson (USA)

Mort. by Kianna Bliven (USA)

Mountain People by Sascha Taylor Larsen (Norway)

My Country is Missing by Liza Korotka (Canada)

My Husband’s Jump by R. W. Gray (Canada)

Nakusha: The Unwanted One by Pranay Meshram (India)

Night & Fun by Delfina Kroeck (Panama)

Niraya by Howie Cheung (Canada)

Pangea by Derek Frey (USA)

Partying with Communists by Vincent Blake (USA)

Pillow Talk by Micah Smith (Israel)

Poppies by Myles Yaksich (USA)

Pour 585 by Patrick Smith (USA)

Raheel by Ayat Asadi Rahbar (Iran)

Raymond by Madeline O’Hara (USA)

Reckless by Alireza Dehghan (Iran)

Ronan by Akil McKenzie (Canada)

Rudi by Piernicola Arena and Lillo Venezia (Italy)

Sea of Voices by Sam Cooper (USA)

Shock Nation by Kimia’ Workman (USA)

Sleigh My Name by David Ince (UK)

Story of Aishan by Hong Jia Bao (China)

Success by Oboatarhe Ebiye Ikuku (Nigeria)

Sunflower Soup by Marissa A. Martinez (USA)

SuperHillCool by Sergio Barbasso (USA)

Switch by Nicole Ludowese (USA)

Tapferkeit by Joseph Quinn (USA)

The 12th Man by Akın Ay (Turkey)

The 4th Floor by Pedram Ganji (Iran)

The Ascension of Ava Delaine by Tonya Kay (USA)

The Assassin’s Apprentice by Russ Emanuel (USA)

The Cask of Amontillado by Monica Tidwell (USA)

The Day That by Lidia Nikonova (USA)

The End of the World by Joshua M.G Thomas (USA)

The Heartthrob by Gazanfer Biricik (France)

The Inuring by James Hughes (UK)

The Last Cry by Sofia Pellegrino (USA)

The Letting Go by Tyler McElrath (USA)

The Rarity by Brian Vaughan (Australia)

The Shroud by Marie Vandelannoote (France)

The Story of 90 Coins by Michael Wong (China)

The Tattooist by Michael Wong (China)

Tiberio Ventura: I’m in Control by John Fisher (UK)

Timed by Kathleen Wolak (USA)

Touttay (Parrots) by Shashank Shekar Singh (India)

Travellers in Time by Noel Anderson (Australia)

Troubled Times by Jared Crowelle (USA)

UkeLayla by Alina Alikhanyan, Xenia Benitez, Carol Eastwood, Tal Minks, Haleigh Mooney, Daniela Muiño, Adriana Reiley, Daniela Reiley, Emma Schmitz, Kelly Taylor, Tabitha Thomas, Kim Tong, Christine Yim and Tony Yon (USA)

Unorganized Crime by Nick Vallelonga (USA)

Wards by Gabriel P Braden (USA)

Warpath: The Road to States by Clark Vandergrift (USA)

When A Flame Stands Still by Michael Mike Canon (USA)

When the Rain Sets In by James Hughes (UK)

Where I’m Left by Annaliese von der Burg (USA)

Where She Goes by Moon Chandra (USA)

Where the Jungle Ends by Joe Stucky (USA)

Wildflower: A Kipe Korp Sequel by Stacy Owens (USA)

Wildness by Sarah London (USA)

Yellow by William MacDonald (UK)