Official Selection: April 2019

Independent Shorts AwardsThe following projects (short films and scripts) are the finalists of the round of April competing in 56 different categories for awards given in 5 sections. The acceptance rate is 28,9% based on submissions from 20 countries with a total runtime of 60:11:55:

A Band Widow’s Lament by Patrick Sites, Tomas Herrera and Doug Usher (USA)

A Lady by Mattan Cohen (USA)

A Life So Precious by Debby Huvaere (USA)

A Night at the Table by Tamara S. Hall (USA)

A Place in Between by Selin Bonfil (USA)

After by Shaun Peter Cunningham (USA)

Airplane Mode by Lindsay Roche (USA)

Anything For The Ones We Love by Louise Marie Beauchamp (Canada)

Apartment 34 by Eduardo Fuica (UK)

Audition by Bailey Shropshire (UK)

Baby Fish by Dustin Chandler (USA)

Bliss of Struggle by Buster Marker Jønsson (Denmark)

Break The Chain by Angelena Bonet (Australia)

Broken Souls by Sanelle Sibanda (USA)

Bxautiful Nightmarx by Brittny Williams and Juanita Ingram (USA)

Coda Sacra by Pol Barrós (Spain)

Colors of Resistance by Areeb Zuaiter (USA)

Creak and Shriek by Brandon Peters (USA)

Crossing: 2036 by Max Kleinman (USA)

D Train by Yudelka Heyer (USA)

Daily Success: 24 Hours With Peter William Taylor by Ryan Stuart (Australia)

Daisy by Lei Wan (USA)

Damaged by C.J. Guerrero (USA)

Daydream by SeoHyeon An (South Korea)

Dead Winter by Jason Winn (USA)

Dear Sylvia by Ruby Lanet (USA)

Dirty Dog by Darius Gardner (USA)

Echoes in Silence by Viktoria I.V. King (USA)

Eclipse by Amanda Kim (USA)

Emmanouel by Eirini Polydorou (Greece)

Enlightenment by Alex Páramo (Canada)

Erin by Myles Yaksich (USA)

EXT by Adrian Bobb (Canada)

Fashion Alibi by Burt Raynal (France)

Feed My Eyes by Eric Newcombe (USA)

Foreign Nationals by Louis J. Guerra (USA)

Four-Sided by Vittoria Colonna (USA)

Fragile Ghost by Kit Wilson (USA)

Good & Truly by Josh Mruz (USA)

Guess I’m a Ghost by Christopher Sullivan (USA)

Guilty Bunch of Flowers by Wayne Kelly and Matt Holt (UK)

Happenstance: Episode Two by Brett Carmical (USA)

Hear Me by Jesse Haaja (Finland)

Hook’D by Thomas Baldinger and Lenny Venito (USA)

House Hunting by Patrick Andrew Higgins (USA)

Inconclusive by Anthony Culanag (USA)

Ishtar Speaks by Dena Ryane (USA)

Italians By The Bay by Annalisa Siagura (USA)

Jesus Rides A Harley by Michael Boston (USA)

Johnny Colorado by Alejandro Espinoza and Michael Benton (USA)

Joyride by Ben Fraternale (USA)

Let’s Talk Numbers by Austinn Harris (Australia)

Liked by Pedro Bitar (USA)

Lola by Isabella Tan (USA)

Lost Things by Ariano Trevino Angelone (USA)

Ludere by Ryan Henry Knight (USA)

March Comes After April by Santiago Fierro (USA)

Mimicry.7.III-IV by Kun Xia (USA)

Mohingar Tapwe!! by Yuki Kitazumi and Aung Thu Rein (Myanmar)

Morning by Alexander Spanos (USA)

Mother by Ewan Gotfryd (USA)

Nasty Habits by Allisyn Arm (USA)

Next or Exit by Po-Jen Tsai (Taiwan)

Night of Adventure by Chaz Evans (USA)

No Avocados in the Ghetto by John Connor Hammond (USA)

No.1: A Simple Act by Camille Hollett-French (Canada)

Notes Of An Insomniac by Scott Peters (UK)

Of Course God Is An Alien by Rokk Lattanzio (Australia)

Off to Care by Wendi Sun (USA)

Oh My God! by Ezgi Gundogdu and Farsina Kabir Prithwi (Canada)

Old Flames by Cydney Cox (USA)

Old House by Kunlin Wang (USA)

One For Each by Marlon West (USA)

Orchid by Marit Mei-tsan Stafstrom (USA)

Our Price by Rodrigo Urriolagoitia (Bolivia)

Paper Trail by Emily Brown (UK)

Parallels by Scott Nelson (USA)

Patrik by Evgeniya Radilova (USA)

Phantom. by Drayden DeCosta (Canada)

Pinkish by Zoe Papatheohari (Australia)

Platonic by David Leidy (USA)

Pure by Stephan Eigenmann (Switzerland)

Raspberry and Coke by Francesca Sewell (New Zealand)

Reaction by Chelsea Nwasike (USA)

Reanimation by Krista Creighton (USA)

Refuge by Andrew Caviston (USA)

Ricochet by Tim Earnheart (USA)

Riding with the Rabbi by Yvette M. Hochberg (USA)

Rocky Mountains Encounter by John Banovich (Canada)

Rose by Nicolas Bosc (USA)

Seek by Jing Han (China)

Shadowland by Bellopropello (Switzerland)

Shallow by Joshua Steele (USA)

Soul Bones by Andrew Huggins (USA)

Spring Cleanup by David Labrecque (Canada)

Sting of The Cactus by Bekky O’Neil (Canada)

Swipe Right by Brian Lloyd (USA)

Taking a Piss by Josh Romyn (Canada)

Tawq Najat by Khaled Zidan (Saudi Arabia)

The Bedtime Story by David W. Bertoni (USA)

The Blue of Salt by Alice Bohl (France)

The Burdens They Carry by Alyssa Andrews (USA)

The Cage by Lia Smaka (USA)

The Cold Season by Josiah Stendel and Silvio Wolf Busch (USA)

The Cut by Steve Grigdesby (USA)

The Devil’s Lamp by Chetna Vaidyanathan (UK)

The Greeting by Michael Ricci (USA)

The Handsomest Town:  Episode One (Audacious) by Ranjan Das-Gupta (UK)

The Island of Music by Lily Annenberg (USA)

The Job Interview by Joncart Jonathan (France)

The Last Day of The Year by Jingqi Hu (China)

The Last Story by Himanshu Kesharwani (USA)

The Little Tenants by Philippine de Saint-Exupéry (France)

The Lost Sole by Sunny Clarke (UK)

The Machine by Leon Williams (UK)

The Milkman by Jody Bryce Phelps (USA)

The Painting by Matteo Belletta (USA)

The Persian by Amir Farhang (USA)

The Quit by Todd Lillethun (USA)

The Soldier: The Search for Existence by Robert Mann (USA)

Tommy by Mike Stevens (Canada)

Truth by Lei Wan (USA)

Um Firas by Madeleine Kate McGowan (Denmark)

Vagina Town by Chopper Bernet (USA)

Vilomah by Art Ornelas (USA)

Virtual Memory by Julie Goldstein (USA)

Welcome Home by Isabella Tan (USA)

Whiskey Ginger by Chris Marcantel (USA)

Whispers Of The Wing by Marco Adrián Cincotta (Argentina)

Zero Time by Jingni Yu (China)