Finalists: January 2022

…For Dummies by Lizbeth Nthanze Kariuki (USA)

8 At The Table by Alain Emmauel Sajous (USA)

A Good Night’s Rest by Abdul Tejan Sesay (USA)

Aaja-Bring It On by Deepak Savanur (USA)

Acorn by Daria Diache (USA)

Around Every Corner: Part 1 by Francesco Nuzzi (USA)

China White by Marc Herrmann (USA)

Circles by Jiayu Shi (USA)

Danno’s Escape by Mihaly Szabados (Canada)

Dans la nuit de l’humanité by Barletta Patrice (France)

Doge by Anthony Cintron (USA)

Don Chronicles 3: End of Dawn by Deepak Savanur (USA)

Dream Chasers by Harrison Chambers (USA)

Emergency Musical Response by Cosmo Swevens (USA)

Fall in Flower by Sam Ross (USA)

Fallen Angel by Taylor Marie James (USA)

Fan 666 by Alfonso Otero (Mexico)

Final Girl Defense by Paris Brown (USA)

Friends for Dinner by Michael Speigner (USA)

GreenValley by Eduardo Jorge Becerril Quiroz (USA)

Habanos by Zebulon Griffin (USA)

Haunted for Life by Hunter Paul Nickless (USA)

Hold Your Applause by Cole Clark (USA)

In Her Head by Nur Alishah Tibor (USA)

Iridescence by Jeremy Hsing (USA)

Jump by Tommy Savage James Kelly (USA)

Litmus by Travis Darkow (USA)

Lizard by Darrin Williams and Curtis Leitch (USA)

Metempsychosis by Sam Iwata aka Liu (China)

Moonlight Sonata by Susan Heimsoth (Canada)

Muddle by Jungmin Lee (South Korea)

Nasty by Paige Dillon (USA)

Nights Too Bright by Gloria Iseli (USA)

One Moment, One Life: I Remember by Ruth Finnegan (UK)

P.O.W.E.R.S: Book One by Mahalia Jackson-Butler and Christopher Delao (USA)

Packages from the Amazon by Brandon J Jones (USA)

Past Knife by Michael Nash (USA)

Persist by Justin Bromley (Canada)

Reminisce by Kalyan C Mantri (USA)

Ride to Remember by Dominic Stewart (USA)

Roadkill by David Anthony Estringel (USA)

Roh’s Gospel Talk by James Jun Hyun Lim (USA)

Room Mate by Torin Penwell (USA)

Saturday Morning by Brandon Larracuente (USA)

Skin Dinner by Jeremy Schmidt (USA)

The Last to Stand by Matthew Michael Morrison (USA)

The Mobilized Generation by Logan Calder and Caroline Lidz (USA)

The Spectre (That) is Haunting Eric Spektor by Eric Spektor (USA)

The Tales of Twilight: Destineville by Lymond Ponder (USA)

The Translation by Ricardo De La Cruz (USA)

The World According to Covid 2020 and Beyond by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Theses are the Untold/Unheard Stories of People’s Life Experiences by Kc Matthews (USA)

Turning Point by Rakhesh Raveendran (USA)

Valentine’s Night by Thomas Bozalis (USA)

Voicemail by Tari Kristine Robinson (USA)

Weekend in Waterville by Donovan Sweeney Reid (USA)






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