Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.8 – Women I (Sunday 12th, 1.45pm – 3.05pm)

White Lines, Orange Pill Bottles

A young woman is struggling with addiction gives herself an intervention speech.

Directed by Tanner Gordon (USA)

No Entry

In a port town in Japan, a young girl named Yoko helps out her mother with homestay business. A French lady whose car broke down becomes their new guest and suddenly interrupts Yoko’s daily routine. Yoko’s thus embarks on the journey of exploring her self-identity…

Directed by Guo Dongxun (Japan)

Marie - Luise


Three people and their fate mirrored in their chance encounters with each other. Hektor, the wayword dreamer, Marie-Luise, who is trapped in her childhood trauma and Eva, the successful but unhappy actress who wants to escape the shallowness of her professional life.

Directed by Hervine De Boodt (Germany)

When I’m at Home

A young woman returns home from abroad after several years to confront the trauma of sexual assault from her past. The silent witnesses of her trauma still live with the old lies. Are they brave enough for the truth?

Directed by Ivana Todorovic (Serbia)

The Blood Bride

When a young woman held captive by a trafficking gang is shot, she falls into a surreal journey through her subconscious as she battles for her life.

Directed by Hannah McKibbin and Caspar Leopard (UK)