Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.3 – Mysteries (Sat 11th, 1.20pm-3pm)


A young girl’s isolated world is unearthed when a group of strangers wreak havoc on everything she holds dear. In bloody fashion, she seeks revenge for what has been taken from her.

Directed by Sarah Brill (USA)

Valentine Jacobs

Set in the British summer of 1975, it tells the story of a young girl desperate to escape from the boredom of life living with her police detective father (Marcus). She is charmed into running away with a trigger happy, young rebel without a cause. Soon the race is on between the authorities and Marcus to capture the pair.

Directed by Jason Julien-Connage (UK)

Soul of Steel

A successful young man finds by chance a handgun left in the street. He chooses to keep it. He soon falls under the weapon’s attraction and quickly realizes that the gun literally sticks to his hand, appearing against his will at the most surprising moments. Terrified, he seeks the help of a private detective, unaware that his action has already started an unstoppable and deadly countdown…

Directed by Alexandre Bilardo (Switzerland)

Dead Man’s Bluff

In classic Noir style, Girl seduces Guy to off Husband, leaves him holding the bag. Or does She?

Directed by Franklin Guerrero, Jr. (USA)