Fairbanks Theater: Block 3.2 – Comedies (Sat 11th, 11.45am-1.10pm)

If Video Games Heroes Were Real

In this western town, Pete and Lawrence are trapped between a barrel and a violent cowboy on a killing spree. But wait… Dead Eye Rogers comes to save the day or does he?

Directed by Sergio Valencia (USA)

Los Angeles premiere

They Won’t Last

After attending their friends’ perfect wedding, Christine is forced to consider the future of her own relationship when her hopeless romantic boyfriend Alex proposes. When Christine is unable to say yes, Alex makes it worse by giving her an ultimatum: either get engaged or break up right now.

Directed by Portlynn Tagavi (USA)

The Improv Guru

A dark comedy about an arrogant improv teacher, and his deranged students, as they desperately climb over each other to reach for the bottom rung on the ladder to fame.

Directed by Max Barbakow (USA)

North America premiere

Killing Irma

After a terminal diagnosis, Irma decides to off herself – you know, professionally, with the help of her best friend.

Directed by Sarah Clark (USA)


The story takes us to a remote, and a bit crazy, psychiatric hospital, which receives a curious patient — the man doesn’t move nor speak, but spends his days standing with his hands up. The only thing known is his nickname — “Atlas”. In a word, he is a riddle, and a riveting one at that.

Directed by Maciej Kawalski (Poland)