Chaplin Theater: Block 1.7 – Dramas (Sunday 12th, 1.25pm – 2.50pm)

Aborted Traffick

A small town band set out to uncover the truth behind their friends disappearance and stumble upon a human trafficking ring.

Directed by Bea W. Bliss (USA)

World premiere

All blood runs red

All Blood Runs Red

Son of a slave, boxer, hero of Verdun… Discover the epic life of the first African-American fighter pilot in history.

Directed by Paul Mignot (France)

Los Angeles premiere

Hands Up

In the heart of the 1855 Antebellum South, slavery is the business that fuels the engine of America. “Hands Up,” is a story of how the effects and trauma of slavery have impacted and infected America today.

Directed by Angela White (USA)


During the Holocaust thousands of Hungarian Jews were executed by the Danube. This tragedy brought out the worst in some people, but also the best in others. A brave few rose up to resist. The film honors these heroes.

Directed by Jeno Hodi (Hungary)

North America premiere