Independent Shorts Awards

As the Earth Turns

“As the Earth Turns” (unreleased 1938 film, available for the first time in 80 years) is a 45 minute, sci-fi film that foresaw WWII, future-technology, climate change, and the extreme need for peace, as the world was drifting back into world war again.
Directed by Richard H. Lyford (USA)

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

Adapted from a Stephen King story, “All That You Love Will Be Carried Away” tells the story of Alfie Zimmer, a food sales rep who pulls off for the night into an Airbnb and contemplates suicide.
Directed by Brody Gordon (USA)

Spin to Win

5 hopefuls vie for one indoor cycling job at an audition that will leave some of them changed forever!
Directed by Michael Anthony Giudicissi (USA)

Without You

In the darkest night, Maria returns to house between tears. There they wait for his husband, his daughter and a terrible secret.
Directed by Allan J. Arcal (Spain)

The Rainbow

A boy dreams of becoming a professional pianist and is passionate about composing and performing his music. He has an accident which burns one side of his face. He recovers and works hard at composing but when he goes out to play in public he is discouraged by the looks he receives because of his appearance so he gives up on his dream. He receives a card which he puts aside and forgets about until he accidentally comes across it a few years later. The card was from a mentor he held dear, with an encouraging message describing what a rainbow symbolizes, which is hope and following your dreams. He eventually builds up the courage to go out again and follow his dreams.
Directed by Jayden McGinlay (Australia)


A Catholic widower’s faith is tested when he is forced to help an old friend.
Directed by Barret Mulholland (USA)

An Ode to My Mother

Based on the poem written by George Turnbull, this short animated film depicts the true story of his own adoption. George and his twin sister were adopted from an orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and brought to Canada by a single Caucasian woman.
Directed by George Turnbull (Canada)


Prudish Katie is invited by her niece, Hailey, to attend a country music concert. To Katie’s surprise, Hailey has arranged to pick up a variety of men on the new “TRVL M8S” dating app. Swipe right for adventure.
Directed by Jason McGhinnis (USA)