Independent Shorts Awards


In 1974, at a Portuguese Catholic seminary, a boy learns to speak up against what he feels is unjust in a society based on censorship.
Directed by Ana Pio (Portugal)

Dingus Wishes

After catching a Wish Gremlin, a small town must put aside their differences and vote on one collective wish.
Directed by Elvira Ibragimova (USA)

The Runner

A heroin addict, and former track star, returns home to her sister’s house to begin the long difficult road to recovery.
Directed by Joel Alvarado (USA)

EZ Activist

A short comedy animation: Being an activist made easy by having all you need to be an activist in a box! EZ ACTIVIST! Media produced by the spring 2018 Graphic Arts class @ Bayview Hunters Point Center for the Arts and Technology.
Directed by Ryan Travis and Jevani Mclean (USA)


A young woman must undergo a routine medical exam with a nosy and judgmental doctor.
Directed by Norman Mackinnon (USA)

One Day in GaoYi

On the GaoYi village street, a public announcement is posted to recruit actors for government cultural activities, and the villagers watch with great interest. The announcement does not disturb the rhythm of their daily life.
Directed by Jiaxuan Xiao and Muqiu Qin (China)