Bronze Awards: October 2018

Independent Shorts Awards

Best Narrative Short: Invictus by Sathwik Rai (Canada)

Best Drama Short: Any Given Tuesday by Henry Grenier (USA)

Best Indie Short: Invictus by Sathwik Rai (Canada)

Best Documentary Short: The Kaleidoscope Guy at the Market by Russell Brown (USA)

Best Comedy Short: Tiny House by Owen Williams and Merry Grissom (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short: Hard Knocks by Brent Harvey and Joanna Bronson (USA)

Best Crime Short: Protecting Tony by Dat Nguyen (USA)

Best Mystery Short: The Mystery of Le Madelon by Demetrius Hill (USA)

Best Film Noir Short: Protecting Tony by Dat Nguyen (USA)

Best Thriller Short: Voice of Belief by Alastair Railton (UK)

Best Horror Short: Say After Me by Luying Zhang (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short: Exposure by Emmanuel Delfin (USA)

Best Animation Short: Color by Youngran Nho (USA)

Best Children Short: Eline by Nils Vermeire (Netherlands)

Best Women Short: Bambi by Aly Honore (USA)

Best Music Video: Move On by Soorim Lee (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot: The Vampyr Resistance Corps by Terence Johnson (USA)

Best Experimental Short: Pintado by Gustavo McNair (Brazil)

Best Microfilm: Rage by Myles Ross (USA)

Best Student Short: The Crimson Flower by Sebastian Jaimes Ramos (Mexico)

Best Director (Female): Rachel Rambaldi for Milo (USA)

Best Director (Male): Phil Dunn by Box Office Smash (UK)

Best First Time Director: Sebastian Jaimes Ramos for The Crimson Flower (Mexico)

Best Student Director: Phoebe Nell Williams for The Neon North: Sacrifice (Australia)

Best Actress: Ashley Felkner for Desert (USA)

Best Actor: Divyansh Sharma for Graffiti (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Sophia Jorge and Isabella Casarini for All Heart (Brazil)

Best Acting Ensemble: Sam Reetz, Isabel Stub, Matthew McCurdy, Felix Jones and Hugo Lau for Not One (USA)

Best Cinematography: Vigil Bose for F A L L (USA)

Best Editing: Vigil Bose for F A L L (USA)

Best Sound Design: Xiang Li and Runqi Wang for Birds (China)

Best Original Score: Victor Gangl for Joyce (USA)

Best Original Story: Vladimir Melnikov and Gianmarco Formica for Intimate (UK)

Best Short Script: The Red Stuff by Brad Vance (USA)