Block 4. Romances 

Regal LA Live, Cinema #12 – 4.15pm-5.55pm

I See You

Two senior lovebirds share romance in a hospital ICU.

Directed by Michael Carnick (USA)


The Farewells

During Miguel’s farewell party, before he leaves the next day to Canada, Laura, Miguel’s girlfriend, and Eduardo, his best friend, confess their fears and feelings to each other, revealing their silent shared loneliness.

Directed by Néstor Orozco (Mexico)

USA premiere



A music-driven love story about two people who meet by chance. From their first encounter to their last breath, “Always” captures the highlights of just one way life can unfold when you meet that special person.

Directed by Parker Harris (USA)

Los Angeles premiere


That’s Enough Now Thanks

An anxious young human struggles to navigate the intricacies of cellular communication.

Directed by Aquila Chase-Daniel (USA)


The Imperfect Picture

Anna is an eclectic woman in her 30s. One morning, she stumbles upon a show called “Living the perfect life”. The ideal pitched by the TV host is far away from Anna’s own existence and it makes her feel like an outsider. To escape her frustration, she dives into her imaginary world, until a call from her funny and intellectual friend Jean, distracts her from her thoughts.

Directed by Coxy Chiara Rodoni (USA)


Paris Is Just a Big Dirty City

Anya has always dreamed of being European. When she arrives in Paris and meets Marcus, a young French artist, her wishes to leave her American way of life behind are complicated.

Directed by Alexandra Barton and Patrick Levy (USA)


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