Block 4. Noir & Other Crimes (Sep 17th, 2.45pm – 4.20pm)

Mark My Words

Mark My Words 

A struggling writer turns to a new medium on which to wage his creative battles.

Directed by Joseph Fletcher (USA)

World premiere

Almond Wood

A psychological thriller that follows a young socialite as she lures her lover into the woods to present him with a seemingly erotic yet secretly sinister birthday surprise.

Directed by James Frost (USA)


After witnessing a murder before his own eyes, Ahmad, a rookie reporter sets out to unravel the drug related murder not knowing the price could be his own life.

Directed by Mohamad Al Khatib (Lebanon)


“Korrinty” is the story of a drug addict who accidentally kills his girlfriend and falls into a downward spiral of consequences for his crime.

Directed by Aziz Chennaoui (Tunisia)

North America premiere

Blood Runs

Inspired by true events, “Blood Runs” tells the tale of the chaotic events surrounding Will Westcott. Through his trials and tribulations, he descends into the depths of love, mental illness, and addiction.

Directed by Kyle Leatherberry (USA)

Los Angeles premiere