2023 Annual Awards: Nominees

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Best Indie Short

Floating by Zihan Zhang (USA)

Leydenville by Dale Fabrigar (USA)

Migration by Junyi Li (China)

Paris Is Just a Big Dirty City by Alexandra Barton and Patrick Levy (USA)

Soldiers by Zhaoshuai Wu (China)

Best Drama Short

Borrowed Time by Ginevra Gentil (UK)

The Hunt by Yann Reuzeau (France)

The Silent Canary by Vera Graziadei (UK)

The Train by Luo Pin (China)

When You Leave by Jason Yamamoto (USA)

Best Documentary Short

Eeyou Istchee Trauma Rescue by Kavi Singh and Mourad Boukabache (Canada)

Jawai by Katya Ignatiev (UK)

They Came From All Over by Rayka Zehtabchi (USA)

Best Romantic Short

That’s Enough Now Thanks by Aquila Chase-Daniel (USA)

The Imperfect Picture by Coxy Chiara Rodoni (USA)

The Ritz by Allex Tarr (USA)

Best Comedy Short

Bad at Small Talk by Viktor Horvath (USA)

Bad Vintage: A Randy Tale by Ben Élie (USA)

Clown Needs a Rock Fix by Mike Shea (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

A Dishonourable Death by Blok (UK)

Banshee by Michael David Charles Hicks (USA)

Old Time Radio: Your Move by Joel Harlow (USA)

Best Action Short

Angel Wings by Nick Simotas (USA)

Happy Noodle by Helen Chan (USA)

The Risk Takers by Xano Alexander Cuervo (USA)

Best Crime Short

El Paso 11:55 by Keith Jardine (USA)

Gemini by Tadeu Vieira Marinho (Brazil)

Warning by Axel Zeiliger (France)

Best Film Noir Short

Aquarium In The Fishbowl by Sabrina Jane (China)

Between The Ocean And The Snow by Peder Thomas Pedersen and Heine Kaarsbjerg (Denmark)

Searcher by Bugsy Riverbank Steel (UK)

Best Mystery Short

Caroline by Riccardo Constant (USA)

First Time Caller by Nate Allison (USA)

Pink Wings by Jaxon Whittington (USA)

Best Thriller Short

Lineage by Finnegan Haid (USA)

Loved by David Joseph Higgins (USA)

Takbir by Jordi Calvet (Spain)

Best Horror Short

Caught by Leon Sandy Mitchell (USA)

Means to an End by Tanya Wheeler (New Zealand)

Something Behind The Walls by Kit Wilson (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Dark Cell by Jean-Michel Tari (France)

Tender Moon by Mabel Amanda Maultsby (USA)

Truth by Sylvie Zaidman and Nic Shake (Belgium)

Best Fantasy Short

Another Dead Sailor by Jack Lennard Willoughby (UK)

Sinfonietta by Donald Scott Masterson (Canada)

Water Dawg by Christopher Baiza (USA)

Best Western Short

Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls by June K. Inuzuka (USA)

The Driver by Evan Oliver and Allen Baker (USA)

Twenty One at the Belle Saloon by Scott Seagren (USA)

Best Animation Short

Blue by Robert Petrie (USA)

Runelight by Matt O’Donnell (UK)

The Cocoon by David Shen Miller (USA)

Best Children Short

1.2m by Dongjuan lvy (China)

Mudi by Qin Luo (China)

Ripple Nipple by Yuying Tang (China)

Best Women Short

As Possible As Everything by Selen Örcan (Turkey)

cAtherinE by Hervine De Boodt (France)

Seven (Wolonwula) by Fousseyni Maiga (Mali)

Best LGBTQ Short

Cord of Three by Sophia Kindt (Germany)

Ja Tibia Ubju (I Love You) by Silvija Kuodytė (Lithuania)

Jelly Bean by Nessa Norich (USA)

Best Experimental Short

Dasher by Joaquim Adrià Pujol (USA)

Marble Worms by Juliana Betancourth (USA)

Untitled by Lin Song (USA)

Best Student Short

August by Eli McGowan (USA)

Someone You Loved by Elly Zhou (China)

Still Breathing by Emma Birkø (Denmark)

Best Microfilm

Interracial Couple In A Cheerios Ad by Christine Lakin (USA)

Oh Boys by Martina Magorin (USA)

The Astronaut by Damián Apunte (USA)

Best Music Video

Dust on Pebble by Vincent Naffréchoux (France)

Finger Bang Your Day by Jeff Hilliard and John Orphan (USA)

The Rebellion by Gabriel Hostetler (USA)

Best Screendance Short

My Mother’s Last Dance by Ivan Knyazev (Russia)

Perhaps We Wrong Them by John Scheibe (USA)

Rosé Haze by Emily Teague (USA)

Best Web Series/TV Pilot

Confessions of a Closeted People Pleaser by Sam Morgan (USA)

Hotel Sweet Hotel by Roberto Flores Prieto and Julio Azar (Colombia)

Kombucha Cure by Cecilia Choi (USA)

Best Female Director

Ginevra Gentil for Borrowed Time (UK)

Hervine De Boodt for cAtherinE (France)

Vera Graziadei for The Silent Canary (UK)

Best Male Director

Axel Zeiliger for Warning (France)

Finnegan Haid for Lineage (USA)

Jean-Michel Tari for Dark Cell (France)

Best Student Female Director

Emma Birkø for Still Breathing (Denmark)

Sabrina Jane for Aquarium In The Fishbowl (China)

Yuying Tang for Ripple Nipple (China)

Best Student Male Director

Eli McGowan for August (USA)

Luo Pin for The Train (China)

Zhaoshuai Wu for Soldiers (China)

Best First Time Female Director

Alexandra Barton and Patrick Levy for Paris Is Just a Big Dirty City (USA)

Allex Tarr for The Ritz (USA)

Elly Zhou for Someone You Loved (China)

Best First Time Male Director

Ben Élie for Bad Vintage: A Randy Tale (USA)

Keith Jardine for El Paso 11:55 (USA)

Yann Reuzeau for The Hunt (France)

Best Actress

Alexandra Barton for Paris Is Just a Big Dirty City (USA)

Jennifer Bartels for Confessions of a Closeted People Pleaser (USA)

Vanessa Nerea Moliné for Still Breathing (Denmark)

Best Actor

Aidan Gillen for Mespil in the Dark (Ireland)

Joseph Sernio for Loved (USA)

Tony Stavola for Leydenville (USA)

Best Supporting Actress

Charlene Tilton for Leydenville (USA)

Heléna Antonio for Borrowed Time (UK)

Natalie Qaurry for The Silent Canary (UK)

Best Supporting Actor

Brice Fournier for Warning (France)

Geoff Bell for Another Dead Sailor (UK)

Keith Jardine for El Paso 11:55 (USA)

Best Child/Young Actress

Chloe Dong for The Silent Canary (UK)

Nora Harriet for The Astronaut (USA)

Ziyi Zou for Ripple Nipple (China)

Best Child/Young Actor

AnKai Zhu for 1.2m (China)

Jakob Wagner for August (USA)

Tommy Duffy for The Keeper (USA)

Best Acting Duo

Brendan Fehr and Keith Jardine for El Paso 11:55 (USA)

Gabriel Ebert and Jake Haddock for Lineage (USA)

Stephanie Savić and Robert Dill for Twenty One at the Belle Saloon (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Christos Lawton, Roger Thomson, Claire Rafferty, David Fulton, Gracie Wallis, Paul Chan, Robert Lee, and Phil Zimmerman for A Dishonourable Death (UK)

Jennifer Bartels, Beth Grant, Holmes Osborne, and Jackie Quinones for Confessions of a Closeted People Pleaser (USA)

Tamara Braun, Denise Boutte, Jasper Cole, Robert Craighead, Jennifer Bassey, Angie Kim, and Jermel Nakia for Kombucha Cure (USA)

Best Cinematography

Andrew Jon Lane for First Time Caller (USA)

Donna Wade for The Silent Canary (UK)

Jean-Baptiste Rière for Dark Cell (France)

Best Editing

Ben Élie for Bad Vintage: A Randy Tale (USA)

Jean-Michel Tari for Dark Cell (France)

Troy Ruff for Loved (USA)

Best Original Score 

Abigail Western for August (USA)

Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer for The Silent Canary (UK)

Siegfried Canto for Dark Cell (France)

Best Original Story

Finnegan Haid and Jake Haddock for Lineage (USA)

Sylvie Zaidman and Chloé von Arx for Truth (Belgium)

Vera Graziadei and Bex Harvey for The Silent Canary (UK)

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All Nominated Films (A-Ma)

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