2021 Annual Award Winners

Best Indie Short

In Hope of Nothing produced by Frankie Fogg and directed by Peter Hamblin (UK)

Best Drama Short

Legacy produced by Jenö Hodi and Gabor Ferenczy, and directed by Jenö Hodi (Hungary)

Best Documentary Short

Devil’s Gold produced by Ade Darmawan, and directed by Alexander Sworik and Daniel Agre (Canada)

Best Romantic Short

On the Mountain produced by Pamela Torrance and Jacqueline Cowgill, and directed by Jacqueline Cowgill (USA)

Best Comedy Short

Better Half produced by Joe Calabrese in association with Saturday Morning, and directed by Pete Johnson and Adam Jones (USA)

Best Dark Comedy Short

Jimmy’s Tale produced by Luke Bishop, Daniel Hart Donoghue, and Zander Schauss, and directed by Daniel Hart Donoghue (USA)

Best Action Short

Raze of the Cyborg produced by Young-H. Lee, Peter Huang, Ken Chou, and Alice Guo, and directed by Young-H. Lee (Taiwan)

Best Thriller Short

Final Curtain produced by Jack Armstrong and directed by Dan Gifford (Ireland)

Best Horror Short

Tag produced and directed by Alexander Callens (USA)

Best Mystery Short

A Parable For Winter produced by Rookie Morgan, John Campeau, Noah Lydiard, and Birk Gran, and directed by Conor Soucy (USA)

Best Film Noir Short

The Two Missing Hours produced by Armored Pictures and directed by Jean-Claude Thibaut (USA)

Best Crime Short

Aborted Traffick produced by Bea W. Bliss and Brian D. Moody, and directed by Bea W. Bliss (USA)

Best Fantasy Short

Witchin’ produced by Gregory M. Schroeder and directed by Christina Diamantara (USA)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Beached produced by Melanie Burgess and directed by James Renfroe (USA)

Best Western Short

The Ballad Of Boot Knife Belle produced by Christopher Lantry, Randall Bazin, and Jordan Rego, and directed by Christopher Lantry (USA)

Best Experimental Short

Embodiment produced by Sara Barbara and directed by Ced Pakusevskij (Italy)

Best Student Short

Señor produced by The London Film School, Masha Clark, and Conrad Clark, and directed by Masha Clark (UK)

Best Animation Short

Winter produced by Guodong Yu and Bradley Hawkins, and directed by Guodong Yu (China)

Best Children Short

Ole, Benni und der Rest des Universums produced and directed by Anna Ludwig (Germany)

Best Women Short

On a Whim produced by Asya Nikolaeva and Unique Cooper, and directed by Asya Nikolaeva (Ukraine)

Best LGBTQ Short

Red Giant produced by Olha Kaly, Alyssa Schroeter, and Jessica Pinfield, and directed by Leven Rambin (USA)

Best Microfilm

The Little Thief produced by Jervis Li and directed by Nicole Vanden Broeck (USA)

Best Music Video

Circle of Salt produced by Mikhail Marizov and Samat Yuzeev, and directed by Kirill Novikov (Russia)

Best Director (Female)

Ginevra Gentili-Elsworthy for Tell Tale Signs (UK)

Best Director (Male)

Jenö Hodi for Legacy (Hungary)

Best Student Director (Female)

Masha Clark for Señor (UK)

Best Student Director (Male)

Toy Alan for Life Was Wonderful (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Aeryn Lee for Permafrost (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Daniel Hart Donoghue for Jimmy’s Tale (USA)

Best Actress

Sophia Del Pizzo for On a Whim (Ukraine)

Best Actor

Tom Mardirosian for Better Half (USA)

Best Supporting Actress

Dragana Varagic for When I’m at Home (Serbia)

Best Supporting Actor

Paudge Behan for Final Curtain (Ireland)

Best Child/Young Actress

Emily Gateley for Run Rabbit Run (USA)

Best Child/Young Actor

Frederik Dahnk and Leopold Schill for Ole, Benni und der Rest des Universums (Germany)

Best Acting Duo

Alissa Filoramo and Amick Viccellio for On the Mountain (USA)

Best Ensemble Cast

Mike Falkow, Cokey Falkow, and Celyn Jones for In Hope of Nothing (UK)

Best Cinematography

Jakub Dvorsky for The Silence (Slovakia)

Best Editing

Kai Lendzion for Residue (USA)

Best Visual FX

Roam (USA)

Best Original Score

Nicolas Miljeu for Star Child (France)

Best Original Story

Mike Falkow and Peter Hamblin for In Hope of Nothing (UK)

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