Independent Shorts Awards


When life ends for one of the two loving people, in the life of the other person only love remains still. Regardless of the love that has been lost true love always lives and stays alive. Life will not ever be the same for the person that has lost his loved one. 
One day he comes across the person that took the life away from his loved woman. 
One absurd accident and the heartbroken man notices her picture in a stranger’s car. When he finds out the whole truth, he makes his own judgment.
Directed by Oleg Loparev (USA)

One Last Goodbye

Rocked by a devastating loss and a pending eviction from the home he shared with his wife, a man struggles to cope and “move forward” despite his sister’s best efforts to help him.
Directed by Latasha Kennedy (USA)

Sketches from a Dancer’s Album

Jessica, a young dance teacher working hard to make it as an actor, is betrayed by her producer boyfriend; he cheats on her, and releases a revenge video on the internet. Her life spirals downwards as she struggles with self harm.
Directed by Arman S. Haghi (Australia)

A Revolutionary Friendship

In 1963, Asian American activist Yuri Kochiyama shook hands with Malcolm X for the first time. Over the next few years, Yuri and Malcolm would share a friendship that was grounded in fighting oppression and finding voice for their communities. In addition to sharing a passion for tackling systemic racism, they also shared a birth date, and ultimately Malcolm’s final moment together. This segment is part of a Broadcast/Podcast /Webshow “From The Grassroots”
By Lanita Duke (USA)

Wolf Woman

A dauntless young Victorian era Native American woman assumes the spirit of a legendary character to survive oppression.
Written by Melissa Tanta (USA)

Under Cover Comic

Life is kind of funny sometimes. “Under Cover Comic” is the story of a family man who, after a strange brush with death, decides to pursue stand-up comedy. In the film, he grapples with the push and pull between family, passion, and the frailty of life.
Directed by Bobby Friedman (USA)


Indebted to the mob, Bobby “Boombats’, an underachieving loser, hatches a half baked business venture to avoid moving back home with his suffocating Italian Mama, and his more successful, yet conflicted older brother.
Directed by Matt Birman, Bryan Kowalsky and Ron Lea (Canada)

The Ties That Bind

Belfast. 1984. Two old friends meet for the first time in years and set off on a journey that will change their lives.
Directed by Ashley Price (UK)

Change Our Tune

Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen-Rolfzen are predominately known as the songwriting duo The Lark and the Loon. As filmmakers, the duo has produced music videos for all of their albums over the last few years.
Directed by Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen-Rolfzen (USA)