Independent Shorts Awards

Royal Flesh

At the Class of ’87 Prom, three high school princesses’ fight for the crown is interrupted by a fight for their lives.
Directed by Olivia DeVenne (USA)

Assassin Camp

David, an awkward teen with anger issues, is brought to what he believes is a pre-college film program by his schmuck of a father. During orientation, David meets Harley, an enthusiastic teen. David gets confused when she says she shoots 9mm instead of 8mm. The first presentation given by the instructor, Charles, discusses how to get the perfect headshot. David thinks that Charles is talking about photography and answers accordingly. At lunch, John, a loudmouthed attendee of the camp, decides to trip David and taunt him for the peculiar answer he gave earlier. When David confronts John, John pulls out a knife and demands David get him a slice of pie. Harley gives David her slice of pie which he, in turn, gives to John. John dies several moments later. To David’s surprise, Charles and his peers end up laughing and cheering for the death, and Harley is ecstatic to take all the credit. David, stunned and paralyzed, continues on to the next camp activity, “bringing a sword to a gunfight”. Charles picks Harley, and against her wishes, he picks David as her opponent. Harley snatches the sword while David runs for the gun. David picks it up, but hesitates to fire and nearly gets sliced by Harley. Lying the ground, David levels his gun, closes his eyes and fires. Once again, the whole camp applauds the slaughter. Upon murdering his peer, David has a near mental breakdown in which he shouts out that all he really wanted was to go to film camp. Charles has an Ah-Ha moment and explains to David that the film camp is happening on the other side of campus. Chaos ensues.
Directed by Dan Gelles (USA)

Fox and The Rabbit

Arctic City is a ‘prison’ island where criminals are sent to serve their sentences. They can choose to get a job, make money, and have a life within the confines of this prison while paying their debt to society. The only catch, everyone is a criminal and some have committed unimaginable crimes. This is survival of the fittest, where only the strong survive. Artic City originally opened in the 60’s as a Top Secret government experiment in an attempt to rid the world of crime. The experiment ultimately failed and Artic City was closed. Flash forward a few decades and crime is at an all time high. The World Government has decided to reopen Artic City in order to create a Utopian Society outside of these walls. The WG’s theory, ‘lock em’ up and let them sort it out!’ Which brings us daybreak as Fox and The Rabbit discuss the day ahead as well as some underlying issues between the duo, ultimately revealing the true intentions behind the morning’s meeting.
Directed by Joseph Channell (USA)

Parallel Experiment Dawn

A young woman struggles to cope with the death of her fiancé in real life but a Wired (like Internet) deity offers her a path to salvation.
Directed by Evgueni JC Goloubev (USA)

Dear Uncle

The Uncle who has forgetfulness amongst three brain problem goes to his nephew’s home. Nephew should care about him but the nephew cannot control him.
Directed by Amir Hossein Behbahani (Iran)


A short portrait of a strange yet familiar family as they bury their family pet in the backyard.
Directed by Sam Brown (USA)