Independent Shorts Awards

The Waiting Room

A woman waiting for her husband to arrive in heaven is surprised when he shows up with his second wife.
Directed by Debra Markowitz (USA)

Don’t Look Back

After some fun time at the movie theater, four childhood friends spend the night together in a house. Soon they realize they are trapped in the house with something evil, but not everything is what it seems.
Directed by Humberto Rosa (USA)

Data Breach

Sci-Fi/Realism with comedy elements. Data has been hacked from a Bristol company by Aliens on planet Neptune who are mocking the British, especially with Brexit looming. Will the aliens do the right thing?
Written by Bethan Rees (UK)

Chasing Saudade

Even though Selene has done everything the “right” way by societal standards, she finds herself deeply unfulfilled in the day-to-day and wondering if there is more to life. Soon, she starts receiving mysterious texts and emails from an unnamed man, calling her to live life to the fullest. She is tempted by the dream of a life with him, but in the end, she finds that happiness comes only from within – not through another person or place.
Directed by Kathryn Bouchard (Canada)

Say After Me

A young man arrives at a Bed and Breakfast to find his host dead on the couch and her blind husband has no idea.
Directed by Luying Zhang (USA)

Voice of Belief

The story follows former Captain Ellen Turner as she comes face to face with the anarchist revolutionary known as Jason Argyll. Argyll is laying down the final preparations to commit to a global broadcast that he believes will inspire billions around the planet and will change the course of human history forever. Her brother held hostage by a group referred to as the 1%, Ellen Turner is sent in to negotiate with the anarchist to prevent his broadcast from happening. As they engage in an ongoing battle of belief and willpower, they slowly begin to realize that their fate has become intertwined.
Directed by Alastair Railton (UK)


A woman who just got back home from her business trip believes that her boyfriend’s ex has been stalking her. She ends up in a threatening situation she did not expect.
Directed by Enzo Hui (USA)

The Riveters

Fed up with her ‘lame duck’ status, The Upstart decides to face The Patriarch in a 1940’s feminist throw-down.
Directed by Kate Felix (Canada)