Block 6. Romances (Sep 17th, 6.05pm – 8pm)

Young Love In a Dirty Place

Young Love In a Dirty Place 

A girl explores multiple ways of closing the door to save their first relationship crisis.

Directed by Reinis Spaile (Latvia)

USA premiere

Light Fantastic

After initially forgetting about a ‘sex pact’ they had signed when they were seventeen, Emma and Christian meet seven years later to fulfil a bygone promise.

Directed by Ned Caderni (UK)


Lucie is about to return to Paris after a weekend in Brussels. She is going to rejoin her fiancé and her monotonous life. In the bus that brings her back, she finds a forgotten bag that contains a Polaroid, a notebook and above all a photo album retracing the life of a man. She turns back to find the owner of the bag and embarks on a new journey to Brussels.

Directed by Arnaud Rivaille (France)

North America premiere

What Happened To Us

A complicated love story seen in reverse order, where we follow Nina and Leo’s relationship through one year. From end to beginning.

Directed by Christine Stronegger (Norway)

When the Tide Rises

After adopting a little girl from the orphanage, a Chinese lesbian couple is forced to search for the meaning of family under the pressure of their traditional and homophobic parents.

Directed by Alex Jiang (China)

The Tailor

Oren hides their true self from their family and friends. Oren’s upbringing has forced them to develop a tough and sometimes scary appearance, but inside their dream is to be accepted to the best fashion school in the country and design clothes that challenge the “masculine” and “feminine” clothing accepted in society.

Directed by Inbal Selah (Israel)

California premiere

Blue Moon

“Blue Moon” is a vibrant vignette of a love story that takes place in a single night. It follows two young women through Los Angeles as they explore the depths of themselves and one another. A portrait of how nurturing mutual vulnerability can turn into pure magic.

Directed by Emily Ruhl (USA)

California premiere