Reviewing legacy: Fight Club

Edward Norton and Brad Pitt
Edward Norton and Brad Pitt

If “Fight Club” had been shot with the neorealism techniques, the ending would have been much different. Even though some mainstream movies cannot be compared at this level, it is possible to compare the techniques.



Reviewing legacy: The colors of “Le Bonheur (Happiness)”

AgnesVarda1The choices of color in shot compositions have a significant impact on the narrative and the emotions the director tries to create. In “Happiness”, every shot is carefully composed, where all the colors match and create a beautiful composition that could easily be a painting.


Reviewing legacy: One A.M.

Chaplin1“One A.M.” directed and performed by Charlie Chaplin in 1916 is an example of a comedy that has found the right balance: the jokes are on point and it is hard to not feel amazed by the character.




Reviewing legacy: “One Week” vs. “In a Lonely Place”: the performances

OneWeekCollageThe movies have different approaches in the matter of acting, but both accomplish their main purpose, whether it is to create a comical atmosphere or a dramatic one.




Cinema Reports: Some notes on the appropriation of art

Picasso1In an artist’s work there is always a high chance that people can see influences from other artists.However, sometimes it happens that some people’s work is a copy of another.  This situation raises an ambiguous topic – where is the line drawn between acceptable and non-acceptable appropriation?




Reviewing legacy: Belle de Jour – romanticizing prostitution

Belle de Jour4In “Belle de Jour”, prostitution is romanticized. It is seen from a perspective that does not exploit women’s sexuality but instead features the way they find to achieve their inner desires.



Reviewing legacy: Mysterious Skin

MisteriousSkinstillThe reasons behind the choice of someone becoming a prostitute are various. The most common answer is money, but, as seen in Belle de Jour (Buñuel, 1967), it can be more complex – like a discovery of self-pleasure. However, the director Gregg Araki introduces a darker reason in Mysterious Skin (2004).


Reviewing legacy: Camille

Camille bigCamille is an interesting movie that approaches prostitution in a different aspect. When most movies tend to show what this profession consists on, in Camille it shows the impact it has on someone’s psychological.



Cinema Reports: On Surrealism in Cinema

surrealismThe Surrealism in cinema appeared due to the desire of creating something brand new that has never been made or seen in the history of cinema. All of these directors brought something different that somehow shocked the audience and it is still referenced in cinema today.



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