Independent Shorts Awards

Send Me To Hell, Baby

A modern-day Neo-Noir. Where love, lust, betrayal, violence and murder simmer beneath the surface of an idyllic rural farm.
Directed by Todd Davies (Canada)

Mosul Grad

A documentary film that tells the story of the battle of the right side in the Iraqi city of Mosul between the Iraqi army and ISIS. Always the start is very special, the sounds very calm for points you can hear your heart beats. But everything changed in moments when the explosion of the improvised explosive device that was exiting in the way of the soldiers and this changed all things. Now the fate of Mosul and the war of the city will be determined.
Directed by Murtadha Al-Musawi (Iraq)


Aviv is an aggressive boy from a normal family. During another family trip – in one moment of sibling violence Aviv first understands the consequences of his violence. The film was shot in the actual places the real events took place.
Directed by Aviv Kaufman (Israel)

Arcana Six

After a pivotal romantic encounter at the end of their senior year, two childhood best friends – Maggie and Elena – reflect on the history of their relationship and the impending future of it that hangs in the balance.
Directed by Mackenzie Patrick Flynn (USA)


Marc Orban spent three years in prison. When he gets back to his neighborhood things have stopped. Vincent is gone and Adam works for Hungarian.
Directed by Alexandre Jallali (Belgium)