anexperimentalviralvlog – the movie remix # !

“Anexperimentalviralvlog – the movie remix # ! “is a unique experimental short film, an artistic statement whose effects cause a sensation of dream logic, or perhaps even a nightmare, that makes the audience feel trapped inside someone’s head and emotions.
Directed by Vasco Diogo (Portugal)


Peter is a young man that loves to go out on hikes. One day he goes out on a hike at the local mountain to test out the new climbing gear. Everything seems fine until he suddenly slips and falls back into the ground.
Directed by Andreas Langvatn (Norway)

La Noche

Edgardo Castro has an extraordinary and courageous approach to sexuality. “La Noche” stands out from other movies about the same topic by its faithful representation of life without worrying about shocking the audience with the explicit images.

Three Days and Three Nights

One day a father heard a shocking story from someone and fell into the swamp of negative thoughts. His life eventually changed as his little daughter found Grace and Wisdom in the word of God.
Directed by Yos Park (USA)

Shanghai, I love you

Marco is an Italian young teacher and has just arrived in Shanghai. He would like to learn from his colleagues how Chinese women behave in Shanghai.
Directed by Gino Ceriachi (Italy)

Just Keep Going

This particular animation was made to show what it is like to create art with depression. People tend to idealize the “tortured artist”, that when we at our lowest we create our best. Yes, the pieces we create can be beautiful, but to the artist (or at the very least myself) the piece holds those emotions. When we look at the work after it is done, all we can see are those low points. The audience may appreciate what has been created, but we only see the pain that inspired it.
Directed by Kelsey Ward (USA)

Fight Club

If “Fight Club” had been shot with the neorealism techniques, the ending would have been much different. Even though some mainstream movies cannot be compared at this level, it is possible to compare the techniques.

Kingdom of Bliss

A traumatic incident causes V, a heroin addict, to rethink the choices she’s made. But she soon realizes the hard truth of her reality.
Directed by Malachi Whitten (USA)