A fantasy short film with a critical point of view about the horrible situation in Syria.
Directed by Abtin Mozafari (Iran)

Bitter Sweet

“Bitter Sweet” is the story of Alex Scott and her lemonade stand movement, fighting childhood cancer one cup at a time.
Directed by Jackie Prata (USA)

My Week With Maisy

Mrs. Foster has just received the news that she has cancer. Anxious about starting her chemotherapy treatment, she forms a friendship that gives her much more than just a glimmer of hope.
Written by Mark Oxtoby (UK)

The Guitar

All homeless people have a past and a young boy learns this when he crosses paths with a heroin-addicted rocker with the prized guitar that the boy hopes to gift to his father.
Directed by Michael Boston (USA)

Perihelion: Örvény

Perihelion and director Norbert Porkoláb conjured up a new world in “Örvény”, the band’s brand new video.
Directed by Norbert Porkoláb (Hungary)

Ten Years Out

When the ultimate tragedy happens to Summers Moore and her family, she turns to art and the outdoors to turn grief into hope. Summers creates an amazing community along with her journey of grieving.
Directed by Meredith McKee (USA)


What was once the “American Dream” for Frank and his wife Nadine, has transitioned into a world that he no longer recognizes and refuses to accept. Frank has dedicated his life to hard work and the respect of his family and friends, and at a family dinner, sparks fly as he clashes with his children and their significant others.
Diversity and a profound sense of loss begin to expose cracks in the walls of Frank’s world. Hope is shattered and reborn with GLASS.
Directed by Brionne Davis (USA)

Future Hall of Famers

After a botched attempt to save the city the Future Hall of Famers have to answer to the Department of Homeland Security as to what happened, but no one can agree on who is to blame.
Directed by Cristian Duran (USA)