Independent Shorts Awards


Follow characters, who are all connected to each other in some way, as they portray their best selves on social media while reality is catching up to them.
Created by Mariya Ranieli (USA)


From the place of a heroin owner detention. On the back side of a drug’s pop image. In sleeping areas of Moscow outskirts where supplications, inevitable diagnosis and the inappeasable demon of addiction are present.
Directed by Nikita Kaf (Russia)


A man who lost his family and settles in a village. His life revolving around alcohol is enough to make him a drunkard until he meets a young girl who changes his life completely.
Directed by Shreyas Gupta (India)

The Fishing Game

For making films, Rafsaan is asking for a camera to his parents for a long time. Parents force Rafsaan to make good results by a “fake-gift-giving-policy” plan. Without explaining the real motive of education to their children, many capitalist busy parents make such plans. Losing hope, Rafsaan becomes depressed, frustrated and suicidal. This film is inspired by a true story.
Directed by Muzahidul Islam Zahin (Bangladesh)

No Going Back

A mysterious woman hires our unnamed protagonist to recover her stolen black rooster. Accepting her offer means there’s no going back. “No Going Back” is a video music produced for the country-punk band “The Yawpers”.
Directed by Matias Vellutini (Brazil)

Move On

Official music video for an original song written and performed by Axl Avenido, featuring Jared Machado. “It’s a song to represent the feeling of being nowhere but at that point, it’s a matter of making the decision to go somewhere” (Axl Avenido).
Directed by Soorim Lee (USA)

Housing on Fire

The documentary begins with scenes from the 2009 Yongsan chamsa which was a fire that occurred in a clash between antidevelopment protesters and police. The Yongsan chamsa resulted in the deaths of five people: two antidevelopment protesters, two union members, and one policeman. However, the Yongsan chamsa was a deeper issue of inequitable urban development and lack of sound policies to protect tenants. The documentary involves interviews with the President of the Yongsan chamsa truth-clarification committee and a survivor of the Yongsan chamsa. The documentary moves on to an interview with a protester of a similar incident involving inequitable urban development.
Directed by Michelle Cho (South Korea)