Independent Shorts Awards

Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America

“Shattered Dreams” is a comprehensive documentary that examines the pervasive, dark underworld of sex trafficking in America. Heart wrenching personal stories from survivors of the illicit sex trade and leading experts reveal how vastly misunderstood and disregarded this important human rights issue has been.

As hundreds of thousands of victims’ lives are destroyed by this multi-billion-dollar industry, the complex challenge of targeting the cause of this deeply embedded problem is exposed. Will increased awareness finally drive real solutions to save lives or will we continue to let this underground industry thrive in America?
Directed by Bill Wisneski (USA)


When things don’t go as planned at work Kennedy decides to pursue her dream of starting a tech blog full-time. As with any new business it can be a bit rocky at first and Kennedy experiences that first handed when she receives bad financial news.

Even with all of her own personal drama, Kennedy still finds the time to lend a sympathetic ear to friends, family and specifically a teenaged girl. Between being a mentor, and struggling business owner, Kennedy’s stress level is at an all-time high.
Directed by Domanique Cummings (USA)

The Perfect Murder

Kabir, a struggling actor tries convincing his wealthy wife, Neha to bankroll a movie to launch him but life quickly gets complicated.
Directed by Vikkramm Chandirramani (India)

Come Die With Me

Driven out of his job and home and on a fast path alone, a young man gets lost in an unpublished manuscript telling of heroin busts in 1950’s-Texas, written while undercover by the Federal Narcotics Agent himself. As he takes on a life in the shadows, will ‘Tex Foster’ catch up with the modern-day rebel? Or can an old cowboy’s tale rescue the young buck from slipping into a life of drugs and crime?
Directed by Kurt Kubicek (USA)

With The Tide

After carrying out an unauthorised emergency abortion in rural Ireland, a doctor tries to drown himself with the tide. An artist stumbles across him and begins to paint the scene.
Directed by Cora D’Arcy (Ireland)

Clean Up on Aisle Nine

Cody O’Ryan, all American high school football star, craves popularity and dates with hot girls, especially with head cheerleader Kelly Hudson. After a spectacular play, that won the game for his team, he is invited to a victory party that Kelly will definitely attend. His plans are derailed when his mother is called in to work, and he has to babysit the bane of his existence, his younger, nerdy brother, Chandler. Things become catastrophic when Cody is forced to take Chandler to the store and they briefly bump into Kelly, and even more daunting, during an apparent store robbery. Faced with a life and death event and fearing that this may be their last day on Earth together, Cody and Chandler must set aside their differences and come to terms with their true feelings about life, family and their feelings for each other. “Clean Up on Aisle Nine” is a traditional heart-warming comedy, written and directed by Derrick J. Johnson, that promises to keep you laughing all the way to the toilet.
Directed by Derrick J. Johnson (USA)


This fast-paced, 19 minutes short film follows the young husband and wife movie-making duo of the determined Scott and perpetually upbeat Eva (played by real-life husband and wife, Anthony and Arielle Fanelli) ) as they attempt to make their own independent short film starring and directed by only themselves and maybe their friend/cameraman Austin if he ever shows up.
“Juncture” shifts seamlessly back and forth between Scott and Eva “on set” discussing their insecurities and second-guessing every creative choice they’ve made, are making and will make… to then watching the film within the film, “The Debt.”
Directed by Anthony Fanelli (USA)

The Bumbry Encounter

The year is 1961. Jackie and Terry Bumbry are a mixed race couple who have a paranormal encounter with a bright light in the sky while driving near Mount Shasta. They report their experience to local law enforcement, who bring in a psychologist to assess the situation. But as Jackie tells her story to the doctor she comes to realize that there may be ulterior motives at play.
Directed by Jay K Raja (USA)