Independent Shorts Awards

The Rule of Fours

James, a young man with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, begins to date Mia, a spunky young woman. When their relationship is threatened, James must learn a valuable lesson in self-acceptance with his obsessive tendencies.
Directed by Max Rogoff (USA)

No Deer for Dinner

A small town located in Nevada mountains that has a very strange things happening that last 36 years. Each year, one person missing and nobody ever found the body or any belongings. A young couple breaks into an old couples house after they robbed a bank. They want the help from the old couple but the things that are waiting for them is way beyond than they can imagine…
Directed by Yuhang Chen (USA)


When Mars is 4 years old, a nuclear war destroyed the world. Mars and the other survivals live in an underground shelter. 20 years, Mars almost forget the world outside the shelter until one day, an earthquake changes Mars’ mind. He sees a light from the outside world, and meanwhile, the lord of the underground world doesn’t want any one going back to outside world. After Mars’ plan leaks, he has to finds the way going out or he will be executed by the lord.
Directed by Shuaiyu Liu (USA)

Toke is Cheap

A teenage boy sells marijuana for enough cash for a special gift for his mom’s birthday.
Directed by Kerry van der Griend (Canada)

Official Selection of February 2019

Independent Shorts Awards is honored to release the full list of the projects officially selected for the round of February 2019 (the 11th qualifier for the 2019 ISA Annual Awards event in Hollywood).

Big Lies

“Big Lies” concept was coined by Adolf Hitler as a propaganda weapon in his famous “Mein Kampf” but was first used by Joseph Stalin to cover up massive man-made hunger in the Soviet Union in the early 30s. The main character is an American writer who travels to Russia these days. She meets the last survivors of Holodomor. Soon she understands that the war of Russian peasantry, started by Bolsheviks 100 years ago, isn’t over yet. She also uncovers many controversial facts about the role played by American media and business in the early ’30s in Soviet Russia. Even more staggering – she starts to understand the connection between those events and current domination of fake news and total mistrust on today’s post-truth world.
Directed by Igor Runov (USA)

The Widow

Set in Melbourne, Australia, in 1965, a Sicilian widow fights for her life when members of the local Calabrian mafia murder her husband and try to seize control of his produce business.
Directed by Brendan Young (Australia)