Animus per Machina

What if everyone would look the same but still a distinction is being made? The protagonists, black balls, are transported into a factory. They make their way through the selection process, that seems completely random. What will happen to them in the end?
Directed by Danja Politis (Netherlands)

The Unpainted Woman

Part Fantastic Voyage, part celebration of my younger self, this is a finely crafted jewel in which I am looking for those who are not immune to splendor.
Reality is both harsh and wondrous. I am trying to circumvent it all.
Directed by Kathy Rose (USA)

Personal Demons

With the help of her dead aunt, Pandora desperately fights for her sobriety, her sanity, and ultimately her very soul.
Directed by Brinke Stevens (USA)


Burned-out NYC screenwriter hires a Jamaican ghostwriter. Let The Quadrille begin.
Written by Lawrence Whitener (USA)


“Who rescued who?” A woman – distraught over a breakup – has her life change from a simple suggestion.
Directed by Mary C. Ferrara (USA)

Adore The World

A video art film about historic events in China. The artist’s own shots have been mixed with images from the publicly accessible Internet; the resulting images have been processed and superimposed creating complex sequences, poetically expressing the (unconscious) moods and meanings hidden beneath the immediately visible in China.
Directed by Wijnand Geraerts (Netherlands)

Mashed Potatoes

A surreal story of about indifference, negligence and apathy. Critic about materialism. How items that people think are worth something, are worth nothing. The most important thing proves to be the sentimental connection with your own past and memories.
Directed by Juha LIlja (Sweden)

The colors of “Le Bonheur (Happiness)”

The choices of color in shot compositions have a significant impact on the narrative and the emotions the director tries to create. In “Happiness”, every shot is carefully composed, where all the colors match and create a beautiful composition that could easily be a painting.