Unge Ferrari – Hjerteløs

Music video for Unge Ferrari, made with a combination of film and 3D. In order to tie live action and 3D together, the same lighting is used, which also pulses to the music throughout.
Directed by Axel Lavin (Norway)


A wounded woman tries to find a missing piece from a puzzle only to find out a horrific truth about her injuries.
Directed by Esteban De La Isla (USA)

Mother’s Garden

This short film is a psychological thriller about one woman who spends the night in her recently deceased mother in laws house and eventually realizes she is not alone.
Directed by Derek Johnson (USA)

Beloved Beast

A 12-year-old girl loses her parents in a car accident and is forced to live with her unstable aunt, who is tied to bad people. She soon befriends an escaped mental patient and hides him at home.
Directed by Jonathan Holbrook (USA)

Brace Face

A misfit girl with headgear is victimized by bullies and comes home to her strange parents with a dark secret.
Directed by Jonathan Wade Holbrook and Elena Stecca (USA)

The Queen

Having a mysterious encounter in Manhattan…
What if you would meet that one person who can make you realize something is not right..? Or very wrong?
Would you believe it?
Directed by Hugo Teugels (Belgium)