Go Your Own Way

A former dancer-turned-choreographer struggles with her art and life as she tries to get her first production off the ground.
Written by Adam Harris (USA)

Good Times

She utters “How can I help you?” 100 times a night but never stops to ask herself. A dark comedy about a Los Angeles bartender resisting her own growth; battling her eating disorder as she attempts to find love and maintain sanity.
Directed by Allyson Reilly (USA)

The Letting Go

“The Letting Go” is about allowing yourself to be free. It is about not caring what anyone else thinks and allowing yourself to love and be loved.
Directed by Tyler McElrath (USA)


A man, having left his hometown of Fukushima, is working in Tokyo as a company employee. A woman, his ex-girlfriend, and friend is in their hometown of Fukushima.
Directed by Takamasa Iwasaki (Japan)

Night & Fun

A teenage girl goes to a party with the intention of being accepted by her other mates, but that is not her only wish. Playing spin the bottle will unleash her deepest secret.
Directed by Delfina Kroeck (Panama)

Bosatsu: Year of the Dragon

Fugen Bosatsu who has the Bodhisattva status is one of the 8 deities of Buddha, protecting the Dragon and the Snake. He enters Jake’s dreams to guide him towards his true identity. Jake, born in the Year of the Dragon often gets visions from his past. He doesn’t know what they are but somehow feels they are real. He remembers nothing from his past and just seeks answers to his visions.
Directed by Sid Ahl (USA)