Mashed Potatoes

A surreal story of about indifference, negligence and apathy. Critic about materialism. How items that people think are worth something, are worth nothing. The most important thing proves to be the sentimental connection with your own past and memories.
Directed by Juha LIlja (Sweden)

The colors of “Le Bonheur (Happiness)”

The choices of color in shot compositions have a significant impact on the narrative and the emotions the director tries to create. In “Happiness”, every shot is carefully composed, where all the colors match and create a beautiful composition that could easily be a painting.

Foreclosure: Dead Deed

Mike Graham, an established and well off accounting executive, seems to have it all: the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect car, the soon to be perfect wife… what would appear to be a perfect life. However, his picture-perfect reality quickly begins to abruptly unfold.
Directed by Teddo November (USA)

All the Cities of the North

An example of the power of the visuals and a very poetic movie, not only because of its shot composition but also for the voiceover with texts and a Serbian poem, increasing the dramatic intensity.

Happy New Year

A withdrawn mid-twenties man named Jarrett attends a New Year’s Eve party roiling with hidden tensions and some particularly dangerous resolutions.
Directed by Jason Sealy (USA)

The Dazzling Light of Sunset

Documentaries are usually very raw and have a distant relationship with the viewer. Salomé Jashi does the opposite by creating a personal environment, leaving the audience wondering what is real and what is manipulated to seem real.


This film shows one of the most remote places of this world and yet we feel somehow connected by listening to the names of some of the most known companies appear.
Directed by Mia Basile and Alexander Basile (Germany)

Bou (bride)

The film is about young Rohingya girls who are sold into marriage by traffickers. It also explores the mindset of the men who buy them for thousands of dollars.
Directed by Mahi Ramakrishnan (Malaysia)

Fool’s Gold: a Dolaucothi Love Story

Made in 1927 and inspired by real events, as well as an outrageous mustache, “Fool’s Gold” tells the timeless tale of boy meets girl in a dimly lit mine passage amidst the backdrop of a bitter struggle for the control of the Dolaucothi Gold Mines and the keys to the Johne’s family fortune.
Directed by Simon Howlett (UK)