Independent Shorts Awards

It is Time to Die… Honey

While a domestic dispute, Mathieu is violently ejected by Barbara his girlfriend.
On the way home, mad with pain, he becomes delirious and imagines Barbara as a psychopath spider woman thirsty for blood. But is it only a phantasm?
Directed by Emmanuel Duchez (France)

Giulia’s Place

Marco, a thirty-year-old writer, has moved to the suburbs in search of inspiration and his fate will meet only in an apparent accidental way the one of the mysterious ceramist Giulia, feeling duty bound to defend her from the psychological persecutions and the verbal abuse of her stalker.
Directed by Mauro Villani (Italy)


A woman is at home alone as her husband is out of town. She suddenly starts hearing eerie sounds. Is their home haunted? Will she make it through the night?
Directed by Kokila Krishnamurthy (India)

Big Trouble In Seattle

La’Marr Watkins is going through Court trials for a robbery that he committed years ago. Before they have enough evidence to convict him, His trusted Lawyer, Geno schemes a plan to find and frame a young woman for the crime.
Directed by David Fowler (USA)

Lean On Me

A young adult, Chris, is worried about his best friend, Daryl, who had recently moved in. With all the best intentions, Chris tries to help but unintentionally betrays Daryl. Chris finds himself shut out of this lifelong friendship, loses his job and faces the pitfalls of depression. He meets Angela Collins, a professor of physiology and sociology who works with young adults. She helps Chris regain his balance as he works to regain the trust of his best friend, Daryl.
Directed by David Fowler (USA)

Road Gang

A gang of children from a Canadian village fool around and get a bit wild.
Directed by Cassandre Émanuel (Canada)

Semper Paratus

“Always Ready” – Watch the U.S. Coast Guard do surf training at LaPush, WA. in their 47 ft. motor lifeboats.
Directed by John Gussman (USA)