Independent Shorts Awards

Warpath: The Road to States

In one of the most physical and demanding sports, a high school wrestling team finds their biggest hardship is not on the mat. An insiders look at the nature of the sport of wrestling as told through the eyes of one team and their season-long quest to make it to the state tournament. Wrestlers are lost to injury, competition, and attrition. But their toughest loss is the death of a teammate.
Directed by Clark Vandergrift (USA)

Blood Means Nothing

Schoolteacher Amy Parker’s world is turned upside down, when she finds herself embroiled in a high-profile child trafficking ring, after an old university friend asks her on a date.
Written by Mark Oxtoby and Dawn Buckland (UK)

Union Jacked

Hard-hitting kickboxing cop Fire Shahbazz takes on a group of corrupt lawmen when the Black Lives Matter movement is blamed for the killing of a police officer and anonymous politicians plot a terrorist event that will take out the mayor and destabilise the city, by playing on the current wave of racial unrest, media hype and political standing. Through action and martial arts, the story is focused on the most current issues.
Directed by Farid Jamal Khan (UK)


Layla, a young girl with a speech disability, has high hopes for her first day of school, but her differences make it difficult to connect with others. Where speech fails, music speaks. Follow Layla and Kiki into a world of music, magic, and friendship in UkeLayla!
Directed by Alina Alikhanyan, Xenia Benitez, Carol Eastwood, Tal Minks, Haleigh Mooney, Daniela Muiño, Adriana Reiley, Daniela Reiley, Emma Schmitz, Kelly Taylor, Tabitha Thomas, Kim Tong, Christine Yim and Tony Yon (USA)

What Lies Between

In the distant future, the world has come to a simpler time. Corbett receives a letter from his brother and must decide if it is worth seeing him again.
Directed by Dustin Richardson (USA)