Independent Shorts Awards


“Prōˌses” takes a deep dive into the mind of the artist. It is a glimpse into the creative process and the inner dialogue that takes place as part of it. It is self-doubt. It is anxiety. It is introspection, frustration, fear, and self-reflection. It is the realization that we all face these things throughout the process of creation, and that they are not to be feared, but instead embraced.
“Prōˌses” is a visually stunning trip that weaves between real life and our secret inner dialogues that nobody sees, but we all feel. Written alongside the artist, the film exposes her unfiltered thoughts, emotions, anxieties and fears, and how these feelings play a part in the creation of her art. A nod to mental health issues like anxiety and depression, this film highlights the importance of not letting these things go ignored. What we hope to do is keep forwarding the conversation, and show that these issues are universal things that so many of us go through, whether we talk about it or not.
Directed by Adrian Vieni (Canada)

The Carpool

A charmingly awkward man, Keenan, gets into a carpool taxi with the strong-willed Mary. They begin to hit it off when the driver suddenly flips a switch which releases gas rendering the two unconscious. They awaken in a locked garage. Together, with Mary taking the lead, they devise a plan of escape. They dupe the driver, who they eventually name ‘Skinfucker’, and lock him in the garage. Tables have turned. The front door is barred. Their only escape are Skinfucker’s keys.
Directed by Jonathon Graham (USA)


A tragic drama, regarding unfulfilled love. Anna and a long lost lover, Alexandre and his best friend Harris, all of them victims of fate or heroes of their own choices? Contradictions, dilemmas, closure and difficult decisions in a story far from happy endings.
Directed by Kiriakos Kotsinis (Greece)

Fifteen Year Proposal

At the start of WWII, Mary Beth runs off to join the army and be a nurse. Stationed at an army hospital in Hawaii, she meets Dr. Winer, the arrogant chief of surgery which was determined to make Mary Beth his wife. After multiple failed attempts at proposing, Mary Beth received her orders and left without a goodbye. After fifteen years he found her and with the help of a lowly taxi driver and his wife Dr. Winer figured out where he went wrong in his previous proposals.
Written by Lea Ann Vandygriff (USA)

One New Message

It should have been a simple night in for Lauren, having just planned a date with her crush in the morning. Little does she know, behind her screen and every text is someone watching and waiting. This very message could be her last.
Directed by Justin Knoepfel (USA)

Better Days

Two teenage boys attempt to discover themselves and the world around them in a search for meaning.
Directed by Sujosh Mukherjee (USA)

The Tormentors

Attending North Heights High School is no walk in the park, especially on the first day of school. The school gang, known as The Rebels, has a reputation for picking on lower classmen, the “Low Dawgs.” For Leon and Tyson, who are new students at the high school, this is all too true. The Rebels immediately set their sights on tormenting them, never swaying in their relentless and destructive pursuit to cause mayhem in Leon and Tyson’s lives. Throughout the school year, another new student, Nikole, tries her best to act as the peacemaker and stand up to The Rebels, but she has her own Rebel to worry about—Bailey, a fellow lacrosse team member and the coolest girl in school.
It’s clear that the bullies need to be stopped, but how…and at what cost?
Directed by Rod Lopez (USA)

Dean’s List

A young college student who is coming off his best semester has to deliver a backpack to his eccentric associate so he can attend college for the next year.
Directed by Daniel R Ferrell (USA)