Independent Shorts Awards

The Littles

Thomas’s wife, Geneva is a successful creative partner in an advertising firm. Her frequent lapses have shattered his dream to finally get the motorcycle he’s always wanted. Again. Her reaction sends her back to her past, and Thomas reveals something of himself as he embraces Geneva’s different sides.
Directed by Melody Brooke and Mike Henricks (USA)


Following the death of a developmentally delayed young man’s co-dependent mother, Ryan gets to visit the lab under supervision to see how his mother’s donation of her body to science will benefit cancer research, but the special relationship with his mother may transcend death and science as we know it.
Directed by Josh Kaukl (USA)

Rose Castle

1890, a tavern for sailors in Scotland. Old Captain Amberlynn, drunk, gives to Walter, a sad and romantic sailor, a magic blazon for a dangerous mission. Walter accepts to go to “Rose Castle”, an old manor in which a sect adorer of the demon Yog-Sothoth devotes itself to a secret ceremony…
Directed by Emmanuel Duchez (France)

Faded Love

A reporter repulsed by older men evades her psychiatrist who plans to reenact a disturbing scenario from her childhood to cure her. As her doctor morphs into pursuer, her treatment becomes a psychosexual game.
Directed by David Leidy (USA)

To Almeria

Life is a journey, not a destination, and some journeys matter more than others.
Directed by Stephen Gallacher (Spain)


A young man who knows a thing or two about cars comes to the aid of a lovely young lady in distress whose engine refuses to start up in the cold. In gratitude, she invites him to a party at her house with some friends. He’s shy and can’t quite believe such a pretty lady has invited him to spend time with her socially. Then the party gets serious.
Directed by Vibol Sungkriem (USA)


It’s a story about the soldiers who are sacrificing their lives and resist in order to the people of the city and future generations live in peace…
Directed by Barzan Rostami (Iran)


The game of your life. If you lose, you die. If you win, you got to play again.
Directed by Shamila Lengsfeld (Germany)

Review of “Pages 321”

In this short film, Anugat Raj does not seek originality but the ability to revisit and translate into cinematic language a central theme of the creative process, which is always a huge challenge.