Independent Shorts Awards


A short social commentary film that explores how the historic bodega is turning into organic markets due to gentrification. Interviewing an interesting cast of characters from native Brooklyn patrons to celebrities such as Cory Wade America’s Next Top Model fame, former NFL player now ABC talking head Joseph Fauria, and Courtney Taylor-Taylor.
Directed by David Leigh Abts (USA)

I Want To Be a BASE Jumper

BASE jumping is considered one of the world’s most dangerous extreme sports. Practitioners jump with a parachute from fixed objects such as buildings, antennas, span or earth.  Unlike regular skydiving from an aircraft, there is no reserve parachute in BASE jumping. This is because there is no time for a reserve to deploy.
Carl-Oskar is 29 years old and working as a politician in Stockholm. Almost every day for the last two years, Carl-Oskar has been thinking about how it would feel to jump from a mountain cliff. Despite the big risk and that both family and colleagues are very doubtful, Carl-Oskar signs up for a course in BASE jumping in Norway. This is a film about BASE jumping through Carl-Oskar and the preparations, the experience, the danger, the intense feelings and the people around the sport.
Directed by Martin Flink (Sweden)


“Aurora” tells the story of an affluent young woman who enjoys the pleasures of a lavish lifestyle but suffers pain from the people who provide it. “Aurora” aims to break free of her parents grasp, while still enjoying the privileges they provide.
Directed by Bruno Canel (Canada)

Algerian’s Flowers

A young Algerian boy sells flowers on one of the quays of Paris. Soon the police come. One photographer is accidentally there. She becomes witness to a violent arrest.
Directed by Rositsa Trayanova (France)

My Mother

Varna, Bulgaria. Second World War.
Margo, а 20-year-old French woman, finds herself alone in Varna. Margo finds herself pregnant, in a foreign country which language she does not speak and knows no one but herself. Her parents were killed by Bulgarian militia, immediately after the departure of the French diplomacy family, from whose son – Victor – she got pregnant. With the help of a local priest, Margo manages to recover from the tragedy and to raise her daughter – Leah, while waiting for news from Viktor. Lost in her memories of the war, obsessed with the mailbox, Margo starts to get crisis to which her daughter becomes a witness. Every day she checks the mailbox, which is always empty and no news from anyone. Meanwhile, her daughter – Leah, learns to play the violin, just like her dad was playing at the time, thus Margo is looking for similarities with her missing love. Bit by bit, Margo starts to lose her mind with a breath of enthusiasm for the so-called news that never comes. Successful in her career, Leah goes to a concert in Paris, where she understands the truth about her father. Some truths which alter Margo’s life.
Written by Rositsa Trayanova (Bulgaria)

Team Mars

“Team Mars: Antarctica” is a comedy series about a group of astronauts training in Antarctica to go to Mars. The astronauts spend three years co-existing in 1200 square feet, simulating what life would be like if they lived together on Mars. It’s like “The Office” meets “The Martian.”
Directed by Steve O’Reilly, Andy Ferguson and Damien Drake (USA)


A brilliant spoken word artist turned Icon for love. A loyal best friend trying to connect. A grieving mother in search of answers and a graffiti artist just trying to paint. All of their lives entangle when one of them tries to let go.
Directed by Divyansh Sharma (USA)

Prince in a Jar

A kid immerses himself in the imaginary world, where he is a prince trying to save his mother’s life. However, his mission is not only challenged by his fear but the cold reality.
Directed by Youchen Miao (USA)

#TroyFromTroy: Friends vs. The Opioid Crisis

“#TroyfromTroy” is an expose documentary of one man’s loss of his best friend to an unlikely addiction. The heartfelt story profiles their 33-year friendship and his journey to uncover what happened. The film serves as a metaphor for the opioid crisis; anyone from anywhere could be the next victim.
Directed by David Kniffen (USA)