Independent Shorts Awards

Mr Franco

Italy, end of the Nineties… Mr. Franco is an old man who likes to “watch”, to observe youths, so green and lively, still unaware of the heaviness of life. 
He likes to watch them making love frantically, or discovering sexuality and excitement. Mr. Franco hosts those youths full of life and instincts, in his anonymous and old house. He, fatigued by life, has nothing more to offer than a room in which guys can do prohibited things. He is a tired, lonely, decadent man, a creature of habit that touches the sin through his glance. With his eyes, he joins in love rituals, without really being involved in them.
Directed by Vincenzo Palazzo (Italy)


Naresh, along with his friend Sarvar, sets out to harass and morally police Hari, who he suspects is a closeted homosexual.
Directed by Tuhin Basu (India)


Two best friends have their friendship tested when they play a game of mini golf on drugs.
Directed by Michael Friedman (USA)

The Wheelchair Warrior of India

This story is about a 27-year-old boy who is 90% differently abled as per society but in his views, he is 100% abled with his attitude and motivation. Despite having a rare brittle bone disease, and everyday struggle he is coming out and motivating the world.
Directed by Vipasha Kiran (India)

Skin: The Movie

When a socially awkward Midwestern woman inherits a porn studio, she plans to take the money and run – until her dead father and a band of misfits force her to face her fears, and learn that misfits are people too.
Directed by Ronn Kilby (USA)

A City in Chaos

“A City in Chaos” during the midst of the Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore, a single Mom searches for her missing son past the city curfew.
Directed by Lisa Tuvalo (USA)

Head Space

An anxious young man experiments with a meditation app, not realizing the extreme lengths to which the app will go to relieve him of his anxiety.
Directed by Timon Williams (UK)