Independent Shorts Awards

Back to Billy

A modern day man, Martin Teebs, becomes fascinated by the story of Billy The Kid. Venturing to Lincoln, NM, with his wife Lilly, he slips back in time to 1878 and plays a crucial role in the Lincoln County War. His actions change the course of history in both dramatic and hilarious fashion. Teebs discovers he’s had an affair in the past, killed someone, and lost one of his prized possessions with disastrous consequences. Suddenly in demand by women both past and present, Teebs frantically tries to fix his mistakes and get on with his former, mundane life.
Directed by Michael Anthony Giudicissi (USA)


A struggling detective grows suspicious of his Muslim neighbor as islamophobia tightens its grip on Los Angeles.
Directed by Rit Saraswat (USA)

My NSA Agent and Me

Eighteen-year-old Claire falls in love with the NSA agent she suspects is spying on her through her laptop’s webcam.
Directed by Jake Quinn (USA)

The Identicals

“The Identicals” is a comedy web-series about overprotected, undersexed 40-year-old twin brothers who live at home with their mother.
Directed by Mark Nichols (Australia)

In a Beat

A boy falls in love with a girl from the other side of the railway.
Directed by Tullio Imperatore and Francesco Mucci (Italy)

Cards on the Table

Coming from a wedding, a group of friends decides to hang out in a bar to end the night but they will face an unexpected turn of events.
Directed by Alexis Stan (France)