Independent Shorts Awards

Soul Bones

A man in the Deep South must confront his prejudices when a young boy moves in to the neighborhood and tries to befriend him.
Directed by Andrew Huggins (USA)


Alphie and Peri seem like complete opposites, but it turns out they have something in common – an insatiable hunger.
Directed by Zoe Papatheohari (Australia)

The Night Shift

“The Night Shift” is a short gritty slice of life documentary that offers a glimpse into the life of Angelo, a homeless man who collects recycling in order to survive. The film takes place in San Francisco, a city currently dealing with a devastating homelessness epidemic. It follows Angelo through his nightly routine and explores how he has all of the traits of a successful entrepreneur, but makes much less than minimum wage. Even though he is completely destitute, we are confronted by his surprisingly optimistic demeanor, the ins and outs of the underground recycling economy, and the tragic contradiction of a city rife with Tech money yet home to an ever growing homeless population.
Directed by Max Mollring and Ian Burrs (USA)

Celestial Misconduct

“Celestial Misconduct” is a pulpy adventure that follows Doctor Donovan Mulray as he seeks out an Extraterrestrial that he believes is hiding in plain sight. Quirky fun ensues when he meets two young women that claim to have been abducted by a man matching the alien’s description.
Directed by Kevin Bible (USA)

Go Getters

“Go Getters” dives into the lives of a power couple, who learn to deal with the success and struggles of their new jobs in the nation’s capital.
Directed by Kerry R. King (USA)

The Devil You Know

An American Western set in the Rocky Mountains, the story focuses on two best friends separated by half a decade of betrayal, hunting and finally, confrontation. Over a dying campfire, two men meet at last- and for the last.
Directed by Kevin Barnett (UK)