Independent Shorts Awards

Gloom // Bloom

The world like I knew it was gone. Everything was dry, lean, harsh and collapsing. My brain was translating images of destruction and death. Only seeing traces of old habits remaining in ruins. Sometimes I could hear distant noises of social movements, like the radiations of a parallel universe evolving around me. But I it felt like too far away to be reached. What happened to these potentials? My mind was covered in sand and dust, slowly disappearing forever…
Directed by Etienne Perrone (France)

Antonio Norales: Garifuna Guardian

A Honduran-born man in the United States campaigns to keep alive the tradition of the Wanaragua dance of the Garifuna people. The dance memorializes the Garifunas’ three-decades-long fight against the British on the island of St. Vincent in the late 18th century, where they escaped the fate of enslavement. The Garifunas are a people descended from the intermingling of Africans and native Arawak Indians. They have their own language, music and religious practices.
Directed by Walker Simon (USA)

Perfectly Unnoticed

How an apparently unimportant object proves his value to a movie’s storyline.

In “Perfectly Unnoticed” you won’t see a normal film structure. You’ll only see shots like they are cut out of different movies, to show some of their strengths, to make visible what otherwise will go unnoticed. The underlying feeling is to appreciate the little things, because everything that feels normal, is not noticed by us. Just like the objects in film, they do their job perfectly when you’re not distracted by them. By putting the spotlights on them, I want to show their hidden power. 
Directed by Denice Zwiers (Netherlands)

Night of the Living Dad

After their friend is bitten be a dad-like zombie, four friends Tom, Phil, Annie, and Elyse must try and survive the dad apocalypse. They do their best to evade the dad zombies through their knowledge of zombie combat through movies and quick-thinking. There’s heartbreak, surprises, sacrifice, and of course lots of dad jokes in this hilarious zombie parody.
Directed by Vanessa North Scarpelli (USA)

Blossoming Green

A possessive man, who fears that his wife is more interested in others, allows his recurring irrational jealousy to flourish and control his behaviors.
Directed by Jeremy Tatara (USA)


Two best friends, stuck as chefs in a nursing home kitchen, declare themselves a couple to enter an LGBTQ grilling competition with a prize big enough to open their own restaurant. But with the nasty Mrs. Pepperjack watching their every move, they may have bitten off more than they can chew.
Directed by Christopher James Heiman (USA)

Flickering Lights

Developments in research, led by Stirling University, have led to a far greater understanding of Dementia and, in particular, the awareness of how best to alleviate it’s symptoms. Misunderstood by the general public and a growing concern for families worldwide. Flickering Lights is an insight into what dementia is, and how the right care can assist the condition. The truth about dementia care.
Directed by Joby Stephens (UK)