Independent Shorts Awards

Labyrinth Life

A young man receives a mysterious Rubix Cube and gets into a Labyrinth Dimension after he plays, where he meets his past mistakes. He meets people from 6 Dimension of Rubix Cube where he did bad things to those people. He wants to get back to the normal world but he has to encounter a situation that he can’t imagine.
Directed by Paint VK (Canada)

Old House

A former band member wants to save his bar from closing so that he has to suppress his feeling and talk the former lead singer, also his ex-lover, into doing another show.
Directed by Kunlin Wang (USA)

Award Winners of March 2019

Independent Shorts Awards is pleased to announce the award winners of March 2019.
Congratulations to all! And thank you for sharing with us your amazing projects. The live screening of this round is scheduled for late April in Burbank, CA.

French Kiss

Olivia arrives in Cannes to receive a film award, accompanied by her estranged husband, Jurgen. When Jurgen’s cruelty leaves Olivia in tears, she seeks a fleeting refuge in Alex, a handsome, younger man. Their night of passion will ignite feelings in Olivia that she has long forgotten, and send her on a journey of self discovery.
Directed by Sanelle Sibanda (USA)


A man who wakes up with no memory of himself or his life tries recollect it all, with the help of his wife, but the search for lost pieces triggers pain-striking memory flashes that could tear him apart, literally.
Directed by Chelsea Nwasike (USA)

First Time Since

A married couple takes in a drifter and discovers she’s supernatural. Meanwhile, the couple is flooded with memories of a past trauma. Triggered by the supernatural girl, their relationship progresses to a boiling point.
Directed by Nathan Hochstetler (USA)


A photographer wanders around the big city and finds the meaning of photograph and life.
Directed by Jing Han, Gavin Foo and Nan Zhang (China)


Gene modification is a miracle of modern science as it can change the DNA of a fetus to eliminate hereditary diseases and include some traits that will benefit them in life. But what happens if the parents are not satisfied with the product?
Directed by Mike Stevens (Canada)