Independent Shorts Awards

Lesson #7

A daughter confronts her mother about ghosts of her childhood. The mother confirms her worst suspicions, and somehow, it’s all very funny.
Directed by Alberto Ferreras (USA)

I’m Here

“I’m Here” is a post-apocalyptic story about a phone booth in the desert where survivors can talk to people they have lost in the “storm”.
Directed by Rebecca Shapiro (USA)


A bored suburban mom seeks adventure in an anonymous sexual encounter with a younger man, only to find herself to be an unwelcome guest at a teenagers’ party in the woods.
Directed by Millicent Cho (USA)

Happy The Angry Polar Bear

All the animals at the Zoo were happy as can be. But Happy was not happy, nor was he free. Happy was angry, an angry polar bear. No one knew why and no one seemed to care. It was like any day for Happy at the zoo. Until something happens out of the blue! It infuriates Happy! What will he do? Something you’ve never seen. Probably never knew.
Directed by Brandon Swofford (USA)

The Cast Rejects

When a famous Hollywood director casts for an upcoming improv dramedy for a two-day premiere, six aspiring actors will get the opportunity of a lifetime as their acting skills are put to the test. But It won’t be an easy task as their personalities clash sending the director into a frenzy. Will they get it together in time?
Directed by Kathryn L. Scurry (USA)

Mama Qota

“Mama Qota” is a seventeen-minute documentary interviewing Aymaran men (native Peruvians) in their own language. These community representatives (the women wouldn’t speak on camera) illuminate our understanding of how this culture relates to the lakes in their homeland as an extension of their own bodies, and as a spiritual source as well as ending ground. Marina Morikawa is a modern day environmental scientist who has been miraculously successful in cleaning the pollution of these water bodies using natural methods. He is also interviewed, revealing a similar understanding of how we are mirrors of our Earth.
Directed by Marianne Asher, Rodrigo Otero and Maja Tillman (Peru)

Mementos: Umbra’s Journey

“Mementos” is a fictional story about the journey of Umbra. Confronted by a prophecy, she has to overcome different trials in order to reach her own videogame.
Directed by Danja Politis (Netherlands)

A World Flipped

Philip, arrogant and disgruntled with the world, convinces God to start over and make him the new Adam.
Directed by Neil Murcko (USA)

Love is Love

Two lost souls are aimlessly floating in the sea when they come across each other. They drift onto a shore and start their journey together, carrying empty vessels. They walk through the changing landscapes, day and night, rain and shine until they finally find what they are looking for.
Directed by Viola Le Compte (Belgium)


A social worker deals with the most difficult case of her career while trying to maintain a livable home life.
Directed by Gabriel P Braden (USA)