Independent Shorts Awards

Unorganized Crime

The youngest son of a Mafia Don is finally about to become a made man, much to the dismay of several family members. When push comes to loyalty, he must prove to himself and his family he is worthy of their trust.
Directed by Nick Vallelonga (USA)

Aje Ijo Series: Rivers of Nine

“Aje Ijo” short dance film series centers the humanity, resiliency, vulnerability of black & African diasporic people (of all genders), interrogating the western gender binary and interrupting accompanying notions of masculinity and femininity. Our individual and collective complexity, survival, thriving, and ultimately our healing as a people are at stake, and compel the elaboration of this narrative. To this end, the film elicits elements of spiritual cosmologies of the African diaspora, particularly those that emerge from the Yoruba divine consciousness, Ifa, and the Orisa (deities) that comprise it.
Directed by Kiana Harris (USA)


Emily and Zara are two girlfriends that went out one night to party. Little did they know, they would find themselves later trying to escape from a group of kidnappers.
Directed by Alfonso von Ziegler (USA)

Back Home

This autobiography documents the filmmaker’s heart-rending personal journey to reconcile with her estranged mother, who is about to undergo hip surgery in Tokyo.
Directed by Haruka Motohashi (Japan)

All-American Type

When a group of dudes in the greater Los Angeles area, self-categorized as “pretty boys,” decide that their looks have ruined their romantic lives, they set out to reverse the curse.
Directed by Chance Calloway (USA)