Independent Shorts Awards

Swipe Right

A lonely college student struggles on a hopeless quest for companionship only to be catfished by a non-speaking teddy bear.
Directed by Brian Lloyd (USA)

Fragile Ghost

A young mother takes her daughter on a trip into the past and discovers painful war-torn experiences that got passed along the generations.
Directed by Kit Wilson (USA)


Nathalie, a recently engaged young woman, has lived afraid of commitment since her parents divorced when she was just a little girl. Dubious about her engagement, and with the hopes of finding enlightenment and ease of mind, Nathalie decides to take some days off by renting a house away from the city. This unique, magical house, will channel Nathalie into a powerful and unexpected regression that will finally give her the chance to face her childhood traumas and help her decide what to do with her life.
Directed by Alex Páramo (Canada)

The Quit

Roger’s smoking habit has bugged his partner Sam for years. When Roger finally decides to quit, Sam is thrilled to support him, and engages in a campaign for a cure. After the campaign fails, Sam is bitterly devastated, but then sees a dangerous new idea that may save his life even though it might cost them their relationship.
Directed by Todd Lillethun (USA)

Broken Souls

Priscilla Smith’s sanity is tested when she is separated from her beloved husband Adolph who is called for military service in Afghanistan. Left to raise their only child Sophia alone, Priscilla struggles with self-esteem issues and hopelessly uses prescription drugs to help her cope with the emptiness she feels in a community that has lost its men to war and prisons. 
Directed by Sanelle Sibanda (USA)

Whispers Of The Wing

Alicia felt into a deep depression after seeing Nilda, a housewife from the building, who has committed suicide. In Alicia’s mind she returns to that moment in which she tried to help Nilda.
Directed by Marco Adrián Cincotta (Argentina)

Walk Walk Walk: The Story of Stand Proud

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, hundreds of young polio victims with malformed legs, unable to walk upright, are destined not only to crawl or be carried but are often shunned by their own families. “Walk Walk Walk,” a new short documentary by Ken Kobre (“Deadline Every Second”) showcases the revolutionary work of Dr. Jay Nash and his non-profit organization Stand Proud, which provides free plaster casts, braces, crutches, physical therapy, and medical assistance to a generation of formerly crippled kids. In emotionally wrenching interviews and scenes, we witness the transformation of determined teens who can now not only stand tall and walk proud for the first time but also gleefully dance and enthusiastically participate in athletic endeavors that once seemed impossibly beyond their dreams.
Directed by Ken Kobre (USA)