Independent Shorts Awards

The Cut

A professional MMA fighter must lose 20 pounds in 36 hours to compete in a short notice title bout.
Directed by Steve Grigdesby (USA)


The time is June 1947, the place is southwest Washington State. Investigators search for evidence from a sighting reported by Kenneth Arnold while he was flying from Centralia to Yakima. He spotted nine flying objects traveling from northwest to southeast at a high rate of speed. The investigators found something in the vicinity of the sighting, but what did they find?
Directed by Anthony Culanag (USA)

Whiskey Ginger

Irish bartender Alan must decide if he wants to be right or happy and reconnect with his estranged mother after she kicked him out of their family home for being gay.
Directed by Chris Marcantel (USA)

The Cold Season

An ex-cop, tormented by his past, makes a final attempt at finding peace in the company of the man he never caught.
Directed by Josiah Stendel (USA)

The Job Interview

Stéphane Palenco needs to find a job very quickly because he has no more money to pay his rent. He Decides to go to a last chance but questionable job interview.
Directed by Joncart Jonathan (France)


“Rose” is a short story about a husband & father, Sebastien, who is looking for revenge over the killing of his wife, Jane, and the kidnapping of his little daughter, Rose.
The story takes place in today’s world, in a town run by a group of fearless maniac providing fear and chaos to the city’s armless citizen.
Directed by Nicolas Bosc (USA)

Dear Sylvia

“Dear Sylvia” follows 13yo Shea as she deals with the small but consuming pains of adolescence by writing diary letters to Sylvia Plath.
Directed by Ruby Lanet (USA)