Independent Shorts Awards

The Milkman

The quiet, picturesque neighborhood of Sweet Orchard isn’t what it seems. When John, the milkman walks to the house of a Betty Crocker look alike, Susan, he gets drawn inside. The bright inside of Susan’s house hides dark secrets that will take John by surprise. A struggle between Susan and John pits the two against each other for their lives. Dottie, Susan’s next door neighbor sees what is going on and can end the fight. In the end, only the neighborhood book club ran by Susan holds the real clue of what is going on.
Directed by Jody Bryce Phelps (USA)


An older black man reminisces the ups and downs he faced when he was young and aspired to become a boxer.
Directed by Lei Wan (USA)


It is a story of courage. A remote cabin, a retired army, and an angel. When a murder happening at another side of the wall, what should Kevin do without his lucky coin?
Directed by Lei Wan (USA) 

The Last Story

Abhinav Sharma a young story writer in New Delhi lives alone with his lavish life. His carrier is at his peak as brainstormed crime stories. His stories became fame for the magazine company Author. Meanwhile, there is a serious and brutal crime rising up in the streets of New Delhi. A well-mannered and Perfectionist Killer roaming around and Killing people with a similar pattern. But Abhinav doesn’t care about anything. There are some other writers also who want to be at Abhinav’s place but it’s not there time, which results jealous and anger. Abhinav has everything in his life but his everything becomes the problem for him. He gets insulted in an event by a person who blames him to be that serial killer and that is really shocking for Abhinav. Somehow Abhinav manages to come over with the trauma and makes the connection between himself and that killer and that gives him a shock Abhinav finds that someone is killing people in the way he used to write in his stories. So he planned to catch the killer he’s totally filled with fear and that’s it, in the same night Abhinav is killed in his house, and according to forensic doctors and CBI officers Abhinav was the serial killer but the mystery still remains when the next murder held in the city.
Directed by Himanshu Kesharwani (USA)


Alex Carson discovers he has slipped into a parallel world with another Alex Carson. Trouble is, he likes that Alex’s life better than his own.
Written by Scott Nelson (USA)

Let Go The Prelude

After losing love of his life, Tiffany, and returning home from one of his expeditions in the jungle in South America, an adventurer archeologist, Henk (Arek Zasowski) is struggling to recover and return to his normal life.
Directed by Arek Zasowski (UK)

The Painting

Liam is struggling with his new painting and can’t find the inspiration he needs. He will discover that boredom and lack of motivation are more dangerous than he ever thought.
Directed by Matteo Belletta (USA)

Um Firas

She is known as ‘The Mother of The Revolution” to the young people she supported during the early days of the Syrian uprising in Damascus. To the rest she is known as “Um Firas”; her real name she will not share. But she tells her story about war, love, home and childhood, in this intimate film-portrait of a woman who has left Syria and can probably never return. 
“Um Firas” is one of the many Syrian refugees living in Jordan, she fled Syria back in 2012, as she was wanted by the Secret Police. With this film you come closer to one of the many human beings hiding behind the categorization, refugee.
Directed by Madeleine Kate McGowan (Denmark)


Helen, a call center worker who struggles with alopecia is learning to accept herself with the help of a young girl with cancer.
Directed by Stephan Eigenmann (Switzerland)


Baby Fish

With their son off to college, a married couple attempts to mend fences and rekindle their spark on a weekend trip to the beach.
Directed by Dustin Chandler (USA)