Independent Shorts Awards


A young woman discovers a girl locked in her father’s panic room — his personal vault. But as three masked intruders break into the home to retrieve the girl, things take an unexpected turn for the worse.
Directed by Tim Earnheart (USA)

King of Gyro

With his impressive crafting skills, an old man in his 80s is making spinning tops, the most famous traditional folk game of Dashi, Taiwan.
In 1982, he broke a record in the Guinness World Records for pulling a spinning top of 73.2kg.
Looking back at the photos and videos, they show the pride and glories of the past; however, nowadays, the traditional folk game is becoming gradually replaced by video games.
Directed by S.C.H.L.W. (Taiwan)

Next or Exit

A-Hai and his family participated in the government’s latest project but unfortunately encountered a disastrous catastrophe. Walking in the ruins of places from the past after the disaster reminded him of many memories. He regretted that he had not taken more endeavors to change the future.
Directed by Po-Jen Tsai and Lan-Syuan Huang (Taiwan)


The diverse communication options offered by a cell phone influence our social and consumer behavior. Excessive use changes the design of ‘head-down people’s’ life and lifestyle habits.
Directed by Bellopropello (Switzerland)

Let’s Talk Numbers

Two businessmen, Tomothy and Fronkus, working for an ambiguous corporation that runs on seemingly random sequences of numbers, pull off a dangerous heist, stealing a massive stash of the company’s most valuable numbers to use them to start a new, revolutionary business. The CEO of the company, Brett, finds out, however, and sends Special Agent Chick Nugs and his team to track them down and put an end to their scheme.
The businessmen face the Agents in a shootout. Realizing that they would both not make it out alive, Tomothy stays back to fight the Agents, giving Fronkus time to escape with the precious numbers.
Tomothy is finally taken down by a final shot from Nugs himself.
However, although Tomothy is dead, his plan is still alive, as Fronkus escapes with the numbers, finalizing only the first step in their plan to get rich…
Directed by Austinn Harris (Australia)

Break The Chain

On 12th of February, 2016, Angelena Bonet hosted her show “Heart Of The Matter” and delivered a powerful public speech on violence against women at the V Day One Billion Rising event in Sydney, Australia. A global event, held in 210 countries on the same day worldwide, where women and girls are standing up against violence. This crime is a global issue and Angelena is shining her light on this global silent epidemic. A victim of a violent crime in 2012, Angelena is standing up and speaking out for every woman on this planet and for the injustice she has suffered.
Directed by Angelena Bonet (Australia)

Brown Paper Bags

A story about a war veteran returning home and his turning to the bottle for solace.
It’s also a come full circle story as the main character realizes the errors in his life and tries to make amends before it’s too late.
Directed by Austinn Harris and Scott D Clark (Australia)

Trail of the Sphinx

A recreation and reimagining of past grandeur, “Trail of the Sphinx” evolves such splendor into a very special multimedia presentation. The music is a blend of cultural sensibilities, modern and ancient motifs; electronic and acoustic instrumentation. The dances are a synthesis of traditional Middle Eastern with a contemporary interpretation; symbolic and at times sensual. The production mixes these performances against the dramatic backdrop of Egypt’s archaeological treasures creating an expansive cinematic interpretation. The result is a meditation on the eternal mystery of the legendary Sphinx that leads us from the old world to a future one. The shifting sands of time may obscure its path, yet we are still drawn to its compelling destiny.
Directed by Mike Mannetta (USA)

The Greeting

Something terrifying has happened in a remote Midwestern town. Two mysterious scientists search for answers.
Directed by Michael Ricci (USA)